Revisiting our glorious past by Tasnim Jara

March 13, 2013

Source: The Daily Star Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back-to-back visits to the Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manzil on consecutive days right at the beginning of the New Year were refreshing as well as enlightening. We saw the stateliness and the splendour of the lifestyle of the past Nawabs of Bengal. Among other things, we wondered how the soldiers moved about donning the iron-clad coat of arms. The weapons, utensils, pieces of furniture and all the other artefacts literally took us back in time. The phrase ‘As if history unfolded before our very eyes’, often used in the essay of ‘A Visit to a Place of Historical Interest’ actually materialised before us.

The disconcerting aspect of visits, however, was the way history was being preserved and placed before the world. Many places were sealed off. I am sure; more of the history of our proud past could be put forward. There was hardly any docent and even if there were, all they would do was to walk with us and warn us not to take pictures. The places were littered and they were being treated more as just an open space or a park to spend some time in, than make the visitors to revisit the magnificent part of history that they are. We have no dearth of historians who can help in the proper preservation and in putting up a fitting portrayal of these places, as they truly deserve. It is high time we gave due importance to the past that we should be proud of.


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