My favorite Halal food places in New York

February 19, 2013

Shadma Khurram 3by Shadma Khurram

As its been told a million times that Dhaka Nawab family members live to eat, not the other way round. So being no exception I m known for my appreciation of fine cuisine. I wanted to give family members some interesting choices in restaurants in NYC

Bundu khan  at Glen Oak Union Turnpike
Delicious but spicy desi food. Try their nihari, chicken tikka ,haleem goat /chicken karahi.

Sagar Chinese  in Jamaica is excellent for Chinese with a desi touch. Try tom yum soup, lollipop chicken, Sagar fried rice.

Famous Hamburger on Steinway st
Very reasonable priced. Beef burgers fries and drink combo. I especially liked burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

King Juice Center  in Jackson height 83 rd st
Enjoy great yakhni soup, chicken kabab, paratha roll and their best Karachi style hunter beef burger.Extremely reasonable price.

Royal Tangra Masala  in new Hyde park / Hillside ave
Great Calcatta style Chinese. Hot and sour soup, Tangra fish, basil chicken are some of the favorites.

Mumbai express on hillside ave 256 st
Fantastic vegetarian with chat, dosa. Lunch platter and grilled green chutney sandwich awesome. 

Bakhtar Afghan halal kababs Fresh Meadow next to Bombay theatre
Excellent Afghani food for reasonable price.No credit card, only cash is accepted.

Ali Baba Fresh Meadow
Great chicken noodle soup. also try the family platter which has a little of everything.Custard is a must.

La canela  halal Mexican  Steinway st
Food was ok,  restaurant was cute. They serve hookah on the table if you want. Very expensive.Tacos and burritos for breakfast

Halal Kennedy fried Chicken  on 179 st Hillside ave
Great veggie omelette with halal bacon toast and home fries, Pancakes /French toast. Very reasonable price.

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