Mehfil e Muhibban e Mustafa (SAW)

February 14, 2013

“To enlighten the crystal column of lights within our hearts and to let the world know yes we are the people of love. And our beloved (SAW) was created from the essence of love”.  With this theme in mind Syed Khwaja Omair Hassan  & Mir Rawshan Ullah   hosted a gathering of six hundred plus ashik e Rasul to celebrate jashne Eid e milad un nabi (SAW).  This was held at Sound view Broadcasting, Queens NY on  February 09, 2013.

Keynote speakers were Hazrat Ameer E Sunni, Hafiz and Qari Molana Shait Ali Noori, Allam Shabaz Chisti and Mohammed Masud Ahmed. Khatam Sharif was done by Mian Golam Haider. S Khwaja Ovais Hassan and S Khwaja Taha Hassan performed Naat Khawan with others in presence of many Ulama e Karam. The programme ended with lavish dinner.


One Response to “Mehfil e Muhibban e Mustafa (SAW)”

  1. Khawja Ashhad Belal Says:

    Khawja Sayeed – Mubarak ho.

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