DNF boils over Israel-Gaza Conflict

November 21, 2012
Safi Omar from Dhaka
95 – 3, as per the latest count.
Rabbana Omar from Toronto

When Isreal strikes it’s “self defense”, when Palestine strikes it’s “terrorism”. What’s wrong with the English language?!?

Urusa Ahmed from Toronto

An apple fell and Newton discovered the law of gravity. Thousands of bombs have fallen on Gaza & the world doesn’t recognize the law of humanity.

Khwaja Habib Askari from New York

War War !!! War in the east War in the west, War in the War in the South !!! Rumors of war everywhere !! Disgusting is the Human race!!

Arafat U. Chowdhury Shahan from New York

If you really care about those who are being oppressed and are killed in Palestine or any other places in the world then wake up for Tahajjud (or any other salah) and ask your Lord in sujud to change their situation, dont show pictures !!…Let’s face it Allah is The only one who is allowing it to happen, and it is only Him who can change it. Not you. nor your protesting and certainly not the muslim leaders. Only Allah can change it….

Read the the Noble Quran it clearly states:

“When He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, “Be!” and it is! (Ya-Sin 36:82)

Fahad Hassan from Maryland

To all my Israeli friends posting in defense of Israel I ask: Why do you think Palestinians fire rockets into Israel? Are they all “crazy” and irrational, stupid human beings? Or is there something greater that’s provoked an entire people?

To all my Non-Israeli defending friends I ask: What would you do if you had 700+ rockets fired on you in a 48 hour span landing in your homes, synagogues, offices, schools, and so forth? Do you just accept it and let your citizens die randomly?

This issue is deeply rooted in the history of the region over the past century and a half. Remember — Israeli’s and Palestinians lived in Complete Peace for almost 2,000 years in this region until the Ottomans (Specifically, the Muslim land owners from Damascus) LEGALLY began selling their land to early Jewish Zionists under the permission of the Caliphate beginning in the late 1890’s. These Muslim Land owners didn’t think twice about all the peasants on the land who never met their land owners that — all the sudden had new land owners who wanted to bring in their people (all within their right).

On the flip side, the Israeli’s should realize that when you acquire a peace of land — It doesn’t give you the right to forcefully and illegally take all the surrounding land around you through war and by breaking every international treatise recognized by the world community over the past 50 years — essentially decimating the local, indigenous population who have lived and prospered on that land for nearly two millenium. Their (Palestinian) entire heritage, culture, and history as a people is in that same spot and to slowly build settlements on top of their ancestral homes day in and day out is just flat out wrong.

Before anyone — on either side makes any more remarks on the tragedies happening to all the people in the middle east, please – please spend 15 minutes reading non-media based historical records of the region and then come to a conclusion (I’m happy to recommend a Library of books and sources for you to read). This is an easy topic to get emotional about, but one I often see people commenting carelessly on because they think they actually know what’s happening. How come there isn’t as much outrage over Sudan? Chechnya? Northern Mali? Somalia? — and a whole host of issues I haven’t even mentioned going on right now?

Khwaja Anas Nasarullah from Dhaka

Anonymous said on Saturday that it had taken down or erased the databases of nearly 700 Israeli private and public websites, including that of the Bank of Jerusalem finance house……I mean I am not actually pissed off at the enemy… the enemy is still honest that they are the other side… but i am more disgusted on Countries like Saudi Arabia……nd other neighbouring hypocrite muslim regimes… in the starting ayats of sura bakara Allah says that the disbelievers are bad but the hypocrites are the worst and they will dwell in the lowest part of hell fire………

“Palestinian mourners bid farewell to 18-month-old Eyad Abu Khosa, killed in the latest Israeli airstrikes, during his funeral in the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip on November 18, 2012”.

look at the size of the terrorist… I question the size of the brain of those who follow and believe the western media…

It is not only in Palestine though, people all over the world are suffering for bad leadership.

Khawja Ashhad Belal 

FINALLY CEASEFIRE ANNOUNCED…really hope this brings some relief to the people of GAZA and the bloody Israelis keep their words…Egypt played a vital role from the very beginning they work very hard for peace although now they will be responsible if situation worsens. Again this was impossible without USA intervening, persuading the ISRAELIS for ceasefire ……


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