Voting fever sweeps through DNF

November 8, 2012

Edited by Anas Khwaja

Dhaka Nawab Family (DNF) members who picked America as their home country did their civic duty and participated in the 2012 US presidential election. Some of them were first time voters. They had been over enthusiast to pick the person responsible for the most powerful office in the world. It is fair enough to say, that the DNF members overwhelmingly picked Mr. Barak Obama. Most of the family members live in the blue states in the east and the west coast dominated by the Democratic Party. Living in cosmopolitan mega city of a blue state is an experience of democratic ideology. This influences ones mindset to be a liberal.  Undoubtedly DNF members care about the economy, jobs, health care and other social issues. In addition Barak Obama’s minority status makes him one of their own. Barak Obama’s stand on immigration policy brought him closer to DNF members who are mostly first generation immigrants and looking forward to bringing their loved ones in this land of opportunity. Incumbent president’s image is viewed as friendly towards Bangladesh, Pakistan and Islamic countries in the Middle East in general.  In a nutshell, the win for Barak Obama was mixed feelings for the nonresident Nawabbarians (NRN) – spontaneous joy, punctuated by sense of relief. This is echoed in following comments on facebook.


It’s voting day in America. Go and vote!! Exercise your civic duty. If you don’t vote, then the stupid low information voters will decide your leader for you. I just did. Shamaz Salim from Maryland 

Election Mubarak!!! Maruf Khwaja from New York

YES OBAMA WINS IT.Khawaja Ershad Moinuddin from California 

Welcome back Mr. President!! Sahar Nasim from Texas 

OBAMA all the way! Khwaja Habib Askari from New York

Congratulations to Barack Obama! – Ron Paul 2016. Jawwad Syed from Toronto

YEUHHH OBAMA! 😀 Tasmia Zaman from Toronto

OBAMA WON 😀 Now I don’t have to decide between moving to Canada or Mexico. Raisa Irene Khwaja from New York

Congratulations to Obama on his re-elections. Voted for him on overseas ballot.Proud to be an American. God bless the Stars and Stripes. Sabahat Sarah Khan from Massachusetts

‎!Viva Obama! Time for both parties to work for the American people!!! Let’s Move Forward!!! Viva Obama !!!! El Presidente !!!

Shaheer Quader from California 

Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. Massachusetts just gave its electoral vote to Obama. You put it together. K.M. Hassan from New York 

President Barak Obama re-elected!!!
Mr. President you have a daunting task ahead, both domestic and foreign. The people of this country have once again trusted you to lead this country, lead us with right judgment, integrity, and honesty. The people of this country and the world are need of a better leadership, which is just and partial with no string attached. The world’s economic crisis needs better planning and right policies must be implemented. Political crisis in the Middle East and South Asia needs solutions and not distractions. The United States policy should become “friends to all and enemy to none”. Terrorism must be handled with firm and resolute actions. May God help you to lead with distinctive intent to make US and the world a better place.  Khwaja Mizan Hassan from New York 


Feeling Blue today!! No more campaigning to be elected/re-elected, let’s work out are indifferences and get back to do some real work and make this Country the best of the best. ….The Financial Market wanted to be Red one way or the other ….. Dow down 300+ points. ….Me thinks Bill Clinton really hooked Obama up with the campaign…. Arez Salim from Maryland 

Totally agree! They don’t make men like him anymore. Tanzila Rab 


To all my Republican Compadres — it’s over. Look, this is exactly why the GOP lost. Stop grasping. EVEN FOX NEWS called it. Its simple math and you lost. It’s OKAY. This is the beauty of the American democracy. The people have voted and their voice should now be heard and enjoyed.

STOP already with the God-awful rhetoric. STOP believing Obama will ruin your life. STOP saying your life is worse today than it was 4 years ago.

Your life is better today than it was 4 years ago — if not, it’s certainly not worse directly because of him. We have a congress – we have courts – we have local leaders – and so forth. He’s not alone – and neither are you.

All joking aside throughout the battle – when I had serious conversations with friends about the elections — all of them heard me say, “If Romney won — which was a possibility, nothing would be significantly different and I think he’d do just fine”. Romney isn’t a bad person. He isn’t stupid. He wasn’t going to set our country back 50 years. It was all fun to joke around about that because he made it easy, but the reality is — the President (in my opinion) doesn’t single handedly run this country — THANK GOD.
Take a basics civics course on American Politics and feel free to reach that conclusion on your own.

To me a President represents the idea of the American dream — across this nation and around the world. If you’ve left American shores any time in the last 4 years — and prior to that when Bush was in office — you literally have to have a mental handicap not to realize the type of prominence and respect
Obama brought back to this country on the global stage. Which in a growing global economy – is crucial?

Obama leads well (based on my belief of what a good leader is), works hard, raises his daughters properly, loves his wife, goes to church, believes in a higher calling, fights for the common man, and oh — made the rich EVEN RICHER over his presidency.

If you think he wakes up every day and doesn’t worry about our troops or our debt, or how to move America forward — you’re delusional. If you believe Romney wouldn’t have done the same — you’re also delusional. They both love this country and if you’re a Republican — IT’S OKAY TO SAY THAT ABOUT YOUR PRESIDENT. You can maintain your own ideologies and fight in the next election to promote them, but to hate him because you don’t agree with him continues to be the Achilles heel of the GOP. Seriously — this is a great opportunity to have a gut check moment — not just on your policies (several of which I agree with — others I vehemently disagree with), but on your rhetoric to the American people. It’s okay to fight for your policies based on a positive message which — as you’ve noticed for the second time now in 4 years — RESONATES WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They want to believe in something greater than made-up claims about birth certificates, or God’s will on rape. They want to have un-yielding hope in the face of adversity and hear – over – and over – and over again from their leader that he may not always be right, but he will never waiver on his message of hope for our future. Congrats to Mitt for running a tough campaign and conceding with respect and dignity.

Congrats to President Obama — my President – YOUR President…..OBAMA WINS!!!! hahaha 4 more years of Mosque building and Immigration to my Kenyan brothers!!!! Fahad Hassan from Maryland 


I have seen Bandwagon fans in football, cricket and other sports… now I see that in politics… do not understand why Bangladeshis are so excited about Obama’s victory? Khwaja Anas Nasarullah from Bangladesh

Nafeesa Afreen Rashid amio bujhi na keno they r excited! obama win korlei ki lose korlei ki, amader to kichu na. Crazy people in BD. Canadians der to kono matha betha nai then y bangladeshis are bothered!

Omm AbdurRahman I guess they have nothing better 2 do ,ehhhhhh. I wonder what Azaab is on our way ???

Nusaybah Yusuf LOL yea i would love to know as well… maybe they are hoping Obama’s foreign policies will benefit them or Bangladesh in some way.

Muntasir Saniat Amio ektu fed up manushjon er status e. Onekei ache na bujhei sob kichutei lafaite hobe tai lafae. Keu keu ache asolei benefited hobe. Democrat der foreign policy republican der cheye onek liberal. Eitai reason.

Mehreen Kermani  does not made any difference to us in pakistan as well. koi bhi ayeh hamaray liyeh toh sab aik jaisay he hain!!! still i dont know y such super excited plp!!

Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Exactly I don’t know why people expect there will be any change if foreign policy.

Atef Chowdhury Because his name is Barack Hussain Obama…lol


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