Query on James Henry Thomas

August 21, 2012


I contacted you a few years ago with regards trying to find information about my great grandfather, James Henry Thomas who died in Dhaka in 1888 (please see attached death record).  His death states he was “in the Nawab Ahsanullah’s service.”

My research has led to find another ancestor, a William Thomas whom I think may have been the brother of James Henry Thomas.  William Thomas died in Dhaka in 1889.  His death record also states he was also “in the Nawab Ahsanullah’s service.”  He had a son, born in Dhaka in 1875 called henry Richard Thomas.  Henry died in Canada in 1929.

Can you enlighten please me as to what roll these Europeans would have carried out for Nawab Khwaja Sir Ahsanullah in Dhaka?  If I can discover that, it may help me locate further information about them.

Family legend states that James Henry Thomas was born in 1843/44 in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales.  However, over the 41 years that I have been searching for his origins I have been unable to discover anything more about him, other than his death record and I am desperate to know how James henry Thomas came to be in Dacca.

A search of Indian Civil Servants at the British Library in London has drawn a blank, so I am hoping that one of you might be able to enlighten me.

Many thanks for your time. Best wishes

Paul Rowland.

2 South Farm Avenue,  Harthill ,Sheffield S26 7WY  Tel: 01909 774416

Email: paul@harthillwithwoodall.com


One Response to “Query on James Henry Thomas”

  1. Anas Khwaja Says:


    I am in NY and have no immediate access to the records of the Dhaka Nawab Estate.
    You can contact Dr Alamgir who has a Phd on Dhaka Nawab Family history and subject matter expert. His info is provided below (unfortunately I do not have his email address).

    Anas Khwaja

    Dr Mohammad Alamgir
    (Deputy Keeper (Dy Director) Ahsan Manzil Museum
    Mobile : 01552 326897)
    Office 7391122 Res 7395002

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