My Nana : Syed Abdus Salim

August 16, 2012

Tonight is Lailatul Qadr. Remember us in your prayers on this Holy Night. 45 years ago we last our beloved Nanna (Nana) on this day. That day too was 27th of Ramadan (28th December, 1967) and next day was Jummatul Wida same as this year. I wanted to put in FB the paper cuttings with pictures Abbu preserved but unfortunately I could not find any of them in the old albums. I am so upset loosing them. Our Nanna Syed Abdus Salim popularly known as S. A. Salim of Paribagh was the second son of Nawabzadi Ameena Bano of Dhaka Nawab family and Syed Abdul Aziz Choudhury Zamindars of Machang, Manikganj. He was born on 15th of July 1905 at Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka. He married Sufia Begum eldest grand child of Nawab Sir Khwaja Salimullah, K.C.S.I, OBE and daughter of Nawabzadi Ayesha Begum and Moinuddin Ahmed Choudhury, Zamindars of Kartikpur, Shariatpur. At the time of his death he left behind his wife, 8 surviving daughters and 2 surviving sons, the couple had 22 children in total (!!). The family strength in 5 generation is now 168 including those who have left this world and who have parted willingly with the family known as Paribaghians. Oh yes!! Paribagh the home to us is a chunk of land measuring 5.65 acres or more than 17 bighas at Ramna of Dhaka. Though Paribagh is the name of Nanna & Apu’s house, now it has become the name of the locality from Shahbagh to Banglamotor and Hatirpool to Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue. Nanna was Member of Parliament even before partition of India. He was a Minister in the un-divided Bengal and after Partition was the Commerce Industries and Labor Minister. He was member of Dhaka University Senate and Syndicate though he was just class 6 pass but he gained vast knowledge by spending most of his time at his favourite den – rich library of The Dhaka Club Limited of which he was the 1st three Bengali (native) members other 2 being his 1st cousin (mamato bhai), brother-in-law and also mama shoshur Nawab Habibullah and another 1st cousin (khalato bhai) Khwaja Shahabuddin. He was Dhaka district board Chairman for long 36 years. He was the ceremonial Head of the Panchayets and Sardars of Dhaka. He was the original owner of then than The Pakistan Observer. In personal life he was a loving father and grandfather and of course a very loving husband (otherwise how could they produce 22 children hahaha). He lived a very simple life with honesty, courage and dignity. He must have been a very pious practicing moderate Muslim and may be that’s why ALLAH Chosen this holy day to call back this Al-E-Rasool (SM). He was laid to rest at the family grave-yard at Begum Bazaar after Janaza baad Jumma at Baitul Mukarram (I wish I could post the pictures of his Janaza printed in News papers which I lost, all of u could see the huge gathering of people from all walks of life). Please pray for his departed soul and also for all of us. May ALLAH Grant him Jannatul Firdous, Amin

                                                                                                                      By Aamer Bhaduri


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