Eid telefilm ‘Nawab Bari’

August 15, 2012

Popular TV channel ATN Bangla will air special telefilm titled “Nawab Bari” on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. Scripted by Rokeya Islam and directed by Sadeque Siddiqui, the telefilm will be aired at 10:30am on the fifth day of Eid.
The cast of the telefilm includes popular actors Ferdousi Mazumdar, Tushar Khan, Mimo, Shimana, Sazzad Reza, Sabrin Nisa, Sagar Siddiqui, Nishu Rahman, Hannan Shelly, Ashraf Kabir, Persia and Abbas Ullah Shikdar.
The telefilm will feature an old lady of a Nawab family who still preserves the traditional Nawabi culture. She doesn’t like the contemporary education system and modern look of the society.
She, even, create barrier when her grandson and granddaughter want to establish a college in their locality. Thus the story of this telefilm proceeds.

Source: Dhaka Mirror August 12, 2012

Please make a note that “Nawab Bari” is an area of old Dhaka City where most of the Dhaka Nawab family members reside. However the film is a fiction and has nothing to do with Dhaka Nawab Family.


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