Family Eid Milan – 2012 (Karachi) – Gentle Reminder

August 13, 2012

Dear  All,

Further to the e-mail sent on 1st August 2012, reproduced below, in order to let the Services Mess know the total number of persons we expect to attend, it would be appreciated if those who have not done it yet, very kindly inform Khwaja Arshad or myself, the number of persons attending, as soon as possible, at the latest, by TUESDAY 14th. AUGUST 2012, as we will be charged for the number of persons we register.

Please be kind enough to spare a few minutes to read the Eid Milan announcement below, and respond at your earliest  convenience.

Family Eid Milan – 2012 

All  members of the Dhaka Nawab Family, which includes sons and daughters-in-law of  the family, wherever they may be, are being invited to kindly make it convenient  to attend the Annual Family Get-together by joining us at the Family EID  MILAN in Karachi, on the First Day after Eid-ul-Fitr, which is likely  to be, God willing, around 19th or 20th August  2012.

It will be HIGH TEA from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  (There will be arrangement for those  wishing to perform their prayers – ‘Asr  5.12  p.m. and  Maghrib   7.03 p.m.)The news may kindly be  conveyed, by word of mouth, to members of the Family living in Karachi, and  around the world. This should help those living abroad and planning to visit  Karachi to make their traveling plans accordingly.

The  venue will be the SERVICES MESS Abdullah Haroon Road..The entrance is next to  Shezan Ampis Restaurant opposite Hotel  Metropole. For entering  please tell the sentry  “Commander Shahabuddin’s party”. Parking for cars is available inside.                    .

Members of the Family wishing to  attend are requested to please contribute Rs.350/- per head. CHILDREN,  above twelve years, who are dependent on their parents, Rs.200/- per head. It  would be appreciated if those wishing to attend, register the number of persons  attending, with Khawaja Arshad (584-1835 or 0300-224-3436), as early as possible, at  the latest, by Tuesday 14th August 2012  Those who wish may also inform Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin by telephone (92-21)3567-4639 or  0300-292-1903  or 

Please be kind enough to make a  note of the dates mentioned above, and remember to make your registration  without waiting to be contacted by Khwaja Arshad who, and members of his family,  have had the sad experience, in the past, to keep telephoning and reminding one  person after another, to register. Please do not forget that the SERVICES MESS  has to be informed about the number of persons attending the Eid Milan. Unlike previous years, a substantial amount of rent is included in the total  amount charged

It  will be appreciated that the amount of contribution has been kept as low as  possible to make it convenient for a large number of persons to attend and make  the occasion a success. This has been possible, in the past, due to the kindness  and generosity of a few members who helped with donations to enable us to meet  the total expenses. Therefore, those wishing to support this cause – whatever  is conveniently possible – may kindly send their contributions to Khwaja Arshad,  or let him know the amount they would like to contribute on the day of the  function.

We sincerely hope that every  effort will be made by members of the family to make this Annual Family  Get-together a great success.

Affectionately  yours,

Khwaja Sayeed  Shahabuddin

Karachi Wednesday 1st August  2012


One Response to “Family Eid Milan – 2012 (Karachi) – Gentle Reminder”

  1. Sadia Iqbal Says:

    its very enjoyable party

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