Where are we Heading?

June 8, 2012

Khwaja Mohammed Ali Saber

The Daily Star : Voulume 11 Issue 12 June 08 2012

It seems the people of this country have given up hope and accepted the traffic jams as their fate. An example of utter disappointment is the Mohakhali Flyover. It was built in the hope of reducing traffic jam at Mohakhali intersections. Nowadays, the long tailbacks reach the flyover itself. It remains loaded with vehicles stuck for hours.

I think we should remember how much we are losing in the traffic jams everyday. It is a huge waste of fuel as well as working hours of hundreds of thousands of people. The country’s progress is going to be affected by this in the long run.

Another problem of the city is load-shedding. It seems to me that most people have become accustomed to frequent power failures. Sometimes, load shedding continues for five or six hours. The people of Bangladesh get stuck in traffic when they are on the street, and when they are at home or at work, they don’t get electricity. Is the Government not seeing the sufferings of the people? Where are we heading?


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