The Mystery with the Pen

June 8, 2012

Khwaja Mohammed Ali Saber- Scholastica

The Daily Star Volume 6 | Issue 17 | April 29, 2012 |

There was a six feet tall figure in our school known as “still body”. He was a faculty personal and he used to check our uniform every morning. One day he asked me about my ID card, because I did not have it that day. I had to make up some excuse and get away with it. But instead, he stopped me and said, “Fhen”. I could not understand him and did not even bother to, as getting away from him was more important. As he saw no response from me, he again said, “Fhen”. This time I had no choice but to say “ok” only to make him feel that he was clear to me. I was just about to move away, when for the third time he said, “Fhen”. Then he waved a page at me and finally I understood what he meant! He was actually looking for a pen from me so that he could write my name and keep it as a record because I did not bring my ID card!


One Response to “The Mystery with the Pen”

  1. Tamanna A. Says:

    kamrul sir ? 😛

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