Obituary: Khwaja Mohammed Ahsan

February 29, 2012

Khwaja Mohammed Ahsan son of Khwaja Mohammed Akmal died on 26th February 2012. Born on 22nd July 1932 in Armanitola Dhaka,  he settled in London since 1970. He came back to loving hometown Dhaka three weeks ago to spent final days with his family. He played a doctor’s role in a full length Pakistani movie released in 1954. K.M.Ahsan was managing family owned Hotel Orient in Armanitola before migrating to UK. He left behind wife, a son, three daughters and a number of grandchildren. His namaj e janaza was held at Tara Masjid and he was buried at Begum Bazaar graveyard. Please pray for his departed soul.

Sajed Khwaja

My beloved Nana passed away today.
He was a man even on his deathbed, fighting for his last breath says sorry to the people for their inconveniences!!
I don’t have the guts to speak to my hysterical mother!!
I simply hope and pray that I would meet him again and play in his Laps, share dirty jokes with him and hold him tight and tell him that I adored and loved him!!
May Allah grant him jannat!! —

Maroof Khasru


4 Responses to “Obituary: Khwaja Mohammed Ahsan”

  1. Facebook Says:

    Adam’s Son Sorry to hear about the loss. Everyone will miss Nana.
    Sayem F Jahan Very sorry to hear..
    Saidur Rahman Kochi Innalillahi wainnailahi rajeon .. May his soul rest in peace ..
    Rezaul Hasan Innah lillah…..
    Shahab Sakhawat Innah lillah hi wah inna illah hii rajeon…..our thoughts and prayers are with you all!! may Allah bless his soul
    Mo Munir Innah Lillah. So sorry to hear of your loss.
    Shahed Tarafdar Innah lillah hi wah inna illah hii rajeon….
    Shamsul Arefin Innahlillah hi….May Allah place him in Jannath.
    Mo Islam innaillahi wah innaillahi rajunn…miss my nana aswell 😦
    Shu Mon May allah bless his soul and place him in heaven.
    Shu Mon He was such a nice person!!!!! may Allah bless him. Ameen.
    Mabs Alam Innalillahi wanillahi rajun. Very sorry to hear about the loss. May allah grant him jannat.
    Maroof Ali Sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful person. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Syed Khelafat Hossain. Jamica, New York,USA- Says:

    We all deeply mourned the sudden parted from us very beloved man-difficult to get such these days-even from London, he always remembering us-
    We lost ,Lost a great human-
    & SONS-

  3. Lipi Says:

    Our dear Ahsan mama, has passed away. This has been a very difficult time for all of us. Please pray that our beloved ‘mama’ is at peace and that Allah grants him the highest place in heaven, Jannat-ul-Firdous. Ameen. He will live on in our hearts forever. We all love you mama always and forever.
    Rochester, MN

  4. asfer mohammed Says:

    Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the love and support all of you have shown to us after the passing of my father We are deeply grateful.
    With love and thanks
    Asfer mohammed

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