Birth Announcement: Khwaja Ayyub Nasarullah

February 23, 2012

Newborn: Khwaja Ayyub Nasarullah

DOB: 03/01/2012
Hospital : Barnet Hospital
Son of : Khwaja Anas Nasarullah and Syeda Ayesha Quadri
Weight : 6.3 lb at birth

Fatma Zehra I m proud n honored to announce the birth of a new member of Nasarullah family….NAWABZADA,AMIRZADA N SHEHZADA KHWAJA AYYUB NASARULLAH son of Khwaja Anas Nasarullah n Ayesha Anas…..🙂 plz keep them in ur doa…

Khwaja Anas Nasarullah

Even my graduation ceremony wans’t as proud as this moment… nor was my wedding… It is a big honor from Allah for making me a proud dad … thank you all for keeping us in the prayers.

2 Responses to “Birth Announcement: Khwaja Ayyub Nasarullah”

  1. Facebook Says:

    Zeba Islam Oo mashallah
    Tasneem Askari MashaAllah very cute looks like you Anas
    Prima Nabil Mashallah…may allah protect him from all the bad things..our best wishes, congrats, dua & love to all of u…•
    Aminul Islam congratulation… and lots of best wishes… give my love to the little prince..
    ngrats Mama and Mami.. May Allah Bless the little angel with health and happiness🙂
    Ishrat Adil congratulation
    Naureen Nawab MASHALLAH he is very cute.May ALLAH bless you all with lots of happiness always are really nice.
    Sabeka Jawed Congrats🙂 He is very cute.
    Hamidur Rahman MashAllah…junior Anas looks so cute and cherubic…Congrts dost…!
    Rawnak Haider congrats anas…..he is soo cute, mashallah
    Tayefuzzaman Rushdi Mashallah…..
    Mehrab Haque Congrats😀
    Moeena Moinuddin MashaAllah
    Muhammad Hammad Congrats…
    Munzerin Ahmed congrats
    Zuby Nawab many many congrats Anas and Ayesha,may Allah shower his blessings on Ayub Ameen.
    Shovan Samaddar Congrats!
    Zayed Blue masallah
    Syed Muzaffar Al Muswi Masha allah, i am in your karatia resident watching thease wonderfull pics of anas junior and wishing allah,s blassings upon him. Fuppu sayes masha allah, baba ami viar chobi dekhe khushi holam ar barbar tor choto belar kotha mone hoche,masha allah khub shunder hoeche,doa kori or jonno o toder shobar jonno
    Saeem Khan Congrats Anas😀
    Wasima Hossain Congrats Anas. Mashallah he is very cute and looks like you.

    Anas Khwaja Congratulations
    Amer Junaid congrats dost…
    Najia Bushra Congratulations Anas & Ayesha Anas
    Masha’Allah beautiful son.. May Allah give you all the happiness you deserve. Take care of your self and family.
    Khwaja Aziz Alam congrats on being a daddy.
    Sanjida Khanam Cngrats………..
    Abu Naser Imtiaz maashallah
    K Mohammad Alam Masha Allah baap ka bayta, Anas pur gaya.
    Kawsar Salam congrats…our prayers are with all of u…
    Sarwar Hossain Congraz Anas, Mashaallah very cute baby🙂
    Samiul Mawla Congratz to both of u!!
    Sabila Burhan congratulation aysha & anas give lots and lots of love to our grandson.
    Rubayet Hamid Ahmed upload more photos
    Kaisar Haque Mashallah.. congrats! Best wishes for the new born and parents.
    Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Thanks so much!
    Sheikh Shahed Masha Allah, congrats bondhu !!!
    Asif Mahbub Many,many congrats dosto…..Mashallah so cute🙂
    Nishat S Ahmed CONGRATS😀 Mashallah
    Dip Mahmud CONGRATS!!!!! MashaAllah…😀

    Syed A Tarek oh soooo sweeet…………….masalllahhh…
    Murtaza Motiwala Congrats dost!!😀
    Mehvish Raja congrats….
    Kazi Asifuzzaman Bangladesh er r ekjon Nobab baira gelo dost.. Congrats..😀
    Khwaja Anas Nasarullah ‎:D
    Ahmed Ibrahim Rubayet Congratulatins!!!
    Fahim Hashem congratulation to both of u🙂 and the lille one……….the latest Nasarullah
    Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Thank you🙂
    Nusaiba Chowdhury Very cute mashallah
    Wasima Hossain Anas we want to see more pictures please…

  2. Mubarak.May Allah shower his blessings to the new born and his parents.

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