Tilwa Sakrat (Harifi) 2012 in Nawabbari

February 7, 2012

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Dhaka Nawabbari January 14 2012: Tilwa Sakrat is celebrated joyfully in Nawabbari in mid January. The open space above the Gol Talaab and the rooftops of the high rise buildings create the suitable atmosphere for Kite Flying. Friends and family are invited for the daylong festival. Songs in high pitch volume is played in boom boxes. Jhal Muri, Chatpati, Phochka, Dahi Bara, Bhotta Bhuna (bbq’s corn), and Garma Garam chaye are served. The common words echoed are Dhiri Dhiri, Ba Katta, Manja, Kala Pahar, Lal Dhar, Chan Dhar, Mala Dhar, Pech, Chor Ka Sut, Kanni lagao, Pagla Guddi, Khara Kob Mara, Lagga etc.

The best scene: Kids jumping into the Talaab to save the Guddies. The nightmare of the participants: Kite gets tangled in the electric wire.


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