December 28, 2011

Khwaja Mohammed Shukkur

K.M.Shukkur (son of K.M.Moudud) of 12 Islampur Road died of prostate cancer and brain hemorrhage in October 2011.

An employee of Dhaka Municipal Corporation K.M. Shukkur was famous for his singing abilities in Baithak, Mehendi and Sehri Kaseeda. He was 79 years old and left behind two sons Babu and Shahzad and a daughter Alika. He also served as a member of Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust and always attended meetings related to family affairs. He was buried in Begum Bazaar family graveyard.  For condolence please call 01 940 09 5947.


K.M.Abdullah (son of Khwaja Sirajuddin) of 36 Ahsanullah Road (currently residing at Uttara) died of heart attack on November 7, 2011.

He left behind his wife Tahmeena Begum, two sons Sahal and Tausif and daughter Samreen. 

 Khwaja Abdullah was serving his second term as a member of Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust. He was also the general secretary of Young Men Welfare Association. K Abdullah briefly worked in Dubai in the eighties. He worked relentlessly to advance the causes of the Nawabbarians.

He was with the 1969 Nawabbari boat race champion Blue Brothers team. He is buried at Begum Bazaar family graveyard. For condolence please call 01 610 000 1047.



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