Nawabbari Picnic 2011

December 27, 2011

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Beginning of January 2011, Dhaka Nawab Family member’s from Nawab Bari area went to Idrakpur fort for family picnic. Five hours scenic Bajra (boat) ride on a dull Saturday morning was quiet entertaining. The picnic was arranged by Istiaq, Johny and Yusuf Bhai. Entry fee was taka 500 for family and taka 300 for individual.


One Response to “Nawabbari Picnic 2011”

  1. Ashraf (Afak) Says:

    hello, its great to see some recent photos, but to be honest it looks like the photos r just few specified family oriented, no offence..!
    i mean the people who r staying abroad they would love to see random pics of the whole family, as family i meant everyone!
    and if there is any chance to upload some new photos, would be really appreciated,
    with best regards,

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