Obituary: Mrs Nargis Latifullah

December 14, 2011

Mrs Nargis Latifullah wife of late Khawja Latifullah and eldest daughter of late Syed Khawja Sharfuddin died on the 19th of November, 2011 due to serious illness(Inna lillahe wainna ilaihe razeoon). She left behind one and only son Khawja Sarfaraz Latifullah and lots of brothers and sisters and host of friends and relatives to mourn her death. Everybody is requested to pray for the departed soul, may Allah grant her soul eternal peace in the heaven. Ameen!

Leena Sarfraz

One Response to “Obituary: Mrs Nargis Latifullah”

  1. raina abu zafar Says:

    InnalillaheY Wa Innallahey Rajeyoun.She left us a few weeks after my dear brother, Jameel. I remember chachi as a very simple, caring person who would always be there when asked. May Allah place her in Jannat. Ameen

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