December 14, 2011

 Click here to see nore pictures from Khawaja Arshad

by Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin  

For the first time, the Annual Family Eid Milan, held in Karachi on Thursday 1st September 2011, was for HIGH TEA between 5 and 7 p.m., instead of lunch. It was the day after the observance of Eid-ul-Fitr in Pakistan. It was a pleasant afternoon as members of the Dhaka Nawab Family came to the house of Aliya and Nabil Tebawi, which is presently being taken care of by Khwaja Munir Mashooqullah, to meet one another at the Annual Get-together – The Eid Milan. They came from far and near, the vast majority from the far flung parts of Karachi – the Buffer Zone, North Nazimabad, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, etc. – to make a success of this special occasion which is looked forward to by so many with great interest.

For this all of us owe a deep sense of gratitude to Khwaja Arshad as this function could take place only due to his untiring efforts. Not only did he make all the arrangements but spent hours each day telephoning and sending SMS to members of the Family and requesting them to register the number of persons attending so that the caterer could be given the number of persons to cater for. He also contacted the various donors for contributions in cash and in kind so that the difference between the amount charged, per head, by the caterer and the contribution received from members could be met. As always, he also made his own contribution in cash as well in kind. His whole family– Shahnaz, Khurram, Dr. Atiyab, Nida and Tuba; helped in wrapping gifts etc, so many of them were on display and had been received by those who had the lucky ticket numbers.

From 5 p. m. members of the family started arriving, and, before 6 p.m. the entire area, beautifully decorated, was full and humming with excitement as there was meeting and greeting among relatives, some of whom were meeting each other after a whole year. …

The proceedings began with Sayeed Shahabuddin addressing the gathering. He reminded them that we owe a deep sense of gratitude to Aliya and Nabil Tebawi for giving us a ‘blank cheque’ to use these premises for the Family Eid Milan every year, and for which we are also grateful to Munir and Murad Mashooqullah,…

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