As I saw by brother Javed Hassan

September 30, 2011

 Industrialist Javed Hassan with wife Nadira Begum -picture courtesy Khwaja Saifullah

By Iftekhar Hassan

My father own three saree shops in Haque Market in Sadarghat, Dhaka since 1964. In 1968 my fathers established a textile factory with eight British power looms in Jingira which was burn down during Pakistani army operation on April 3rd 1971. Myself and brother Javed were helping my father run those saree shops after school hours. During this time my father was taking evening classes to become homeopathic doctor as he wanted to help folks in his village in Hajigong, Commilla.

My brother success came from his own intelligence and sharp mind. He always excel in Math, Physics and chemistry. When he was 14 years old he would make small motor boats, use kerosine and let it run on Gol Talab. Instead of a businessman I thought he will be a great engineer or scientist one day. In those days, his best friends was K. Abed (PIPA) K. Fattah, K. Seraj and elder brother of K. Mashooque (JATRA MIA? because he had long hair).

He understood textile from fiber and yarn, as he used to do most of the buying directly from the handloom weavers in various weekly Haats in Tangail, Joypara and Narsindi. Few times I myself went to various ‘haats’ with him.

He also had excellent relationship with than Bumbaiya merchant of Islampur, from them we used to buy Karolin Sarees that was very popular wedding sarees in those days among villagers/farmers, who used to visit Sadarghat to buy wedding sarees for Taka 90 to 100 the most.

After Bangladesh was created he took a partner name Salehin (Delhiwala) and they had a shop at Ist floor at Arzoo Market in Islampur until 1975. On or about 1974/75 he met a Memon businessman from Burma and it is this Memon Haji sahib who introduce him to Adee Brothers in Japan and M/s. Vaswani Brothers in Singapore.

What they did was they purchase fabrics in Japan and had them cut into pieces in Singapore to avoid paying 300% duty on THAN Vs. 50% on cut pieces. Business boomed as 80% of these cut pieces ended up in India as in those days there was no polyester fabrics in India and it was a ban item in India. They imported fabrics from China too, but it was after 1980.

I do not know about other fabric businessman from Khawja Family. But I know my brother was the legend in this business until 1990′s.

He benefited from M/s Adee Brothers of Japan and that is the reason he gave the name of his textile mills as ANJALI was the name of Mr. Adee’s daughter.


One Response to “As I saw by brother Javed Hassan”

  1. Syed Akram Hossain/Khelafat Says:

    Dear. Mr.Iftekhar Hassan, Yes, your views expressed is complete true, I was also very closely associated with our late mentor.Mr.Javed Hassan, for his far slightness & great
    zeal today Bangladesh stand high in Textile World.
    He helped lot of people in the Textile fields in Bangladesh &
    specially Dhaka-
    Now the Anjaly Textile Mills a great contribution from late.
    Mr.Javed Hassan.
    May Almighty Grant his soul in peace-
    Regds/Syed Akram Hossain/Khelafat-New York, USA

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