Khwaja Soliaman Quader – Biography

September 12, 2011





By Khwaja Mohammed Halim

Khwaja Solaiman Quader was grandson of Nawab Khwaja Nawab Abdul Ghani’s elder brother Khwaja Abdul Hakim. Soliaman Quader was founder of “Young Men Association“of Ahsan Manzil. He was also founder of Nawab Habibullah Boys School also known as Maktab.

Soliaman Quader was a very good hockey player and was the captain of Bachelors Club. He was a great political leader of Dhaka city and a diehard anti British government activist. He was secretary of Dhaka city Khelefat Committee. As per Khwaja Shamsul Huq’s diary Soliaman Quader along with Nawab Khwaja Habibullah attended Meerut Khelafat Conference on 15th March 1920. He led quite a number of political movements in Dhaka against the colonial British government. As a result he was put behind the bar for one year.

During his jail time he was offered few lucrative posts as well as the title of Khan Bahadur. But he turned down all those offers and served full one year jail term. I was told by my elders that when he was released from jail, thousands of Hindus and Muslim supporters awaited there to greet him. They brought him home on their shoulders.

Solaiman Quader a good artist left behind two daughters and one son named Khwaja Rahman Quader presently settled in California, USA. He married Najma Quader only daughter of Khan Bahadur K.M.Ismail. Soliaiman Quader died on Oct 11 1927.

A poet from UP who was settled in Zinda Bahar area in Dhaka old town wrote,

“Islam ki kasouti me Solaiman ko khara paya

Naam e Soliaman me Tasir e Solaimani paya.”



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