“First reveal” shots in Ahsan Manzil

September 11, 2011

Photographer Grace, Andrew & Alex works for Integricity Visuals – a photography and videography company based in Malaysia. They were recently hired for a wedding project in Dhaka. Here are some “First reveal” shots they took in and around Ahsan Manzil with bride and groom as part of their assignment.

Photographers account on blog http://www.Stories.My

“Our team flew to Bangladesh to cover only 5 out of the 9 events for the wedding. When we arrived at the Dhaka airport, I was surprised to be greeted by groom and an army escort as we exited the plane ramp. Bride’s dad is the Major General in the Bangladesh army – that explains the army escort! We continue this series of images from wedding with a few portraits. This session at Ahsan Manzil in Dhaka was memorable for me because we went to great lengths to do the portraits here, including fighting Dhaka traffic. The location chosen is absolutely gorgeous. I wish we had more time there before the sun set. But I am rather pleased with what we managed to get in just 2 hours. The bride said she wanted dramatic shots, so we created the following images for her. For photographers who are interested, we used a combination of natural light, speedlight, and even video light to create these images. As It started to get dark, we had to resort to other forms of lighting. Not every lens we own is an L-lens. Basically it’s the skills of the photographers that made the images. I believe everyone can own a camera but honing your skills takes time and effort.”


 Looking for a local wedding photographer and want to give chance to an upcoming talent? Try Nowsher Samiullah (cell 01711671036) from Nawabbbari for creative bridal photography.


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