Nawab Bari clothing market Eid slaes drop by 25%

September 3, 2011

Old Dhaka wholesalers not so cheery By Suman Saha

The Daily Star-Dhaka Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nawabbari, a wholesale market in Old Dhaka, is struggling to recoup losses caused by bad weather ahead of Eid.It was around 11am Wednesday at the city’s largest wholesale fabrics market in Nawabbari. Md Ruhul Amin, 55, was passing his time reading a newspaper in his store due to thin presence of customers….Traders said sales of fabrics for shirts and trousers and salwar-kameez also fell, as customers seem more inclined to buy readymade garments.Many bulk buyers failed to journey to Dhaka from the rest of the country due to rainy weather and transportation problems, said a wholesale cloth dealer at Nawabbari. Falling demand for tailor-made clothes due to a rise in tailoring costs also dampened fabrics sales, he added. …. Hanif, owner of Raihan Fabrics, said the leading tailoring shops in the city are now charging around Tk 250 for a shirt, Tk 350 for a pair of trousers and Tk 3,500 for a blazer. ….Many like purchasing readymade garments to save time as a tailor may take nearly a month or more to deliver a dress, …. Now the customers have to buy readymade garments as the tailors have already stopped taking new orders till the Eid, he added. …As a result, customers now opt for buying readymade garments which are comparatively cheap and much more convenient, he added.
“We expected a brisk business ahead of the Eid, especially after the 15th Ramadan,” said Amin.
“I have sold fabrics worth Tk 2 lakh every day before Shab-e-Barat, where my daily sales now stand at Tk 30,000.” …

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