Dhaka Nawab Estate: Govt to declare it as khas land

June 28, 2011

Shawkat Ali Khan and Noman Chowdhury Daily Sun DHAKA | Monday | 27 June 2011

The government is yet to ferret out any information about the land property of Dhaka Nawab Estate, Land Reform Board officials said.

The land ministry will soon declare the Nawab property to be khas land and ask the deputy commissioners concerned to look after it, said the board officials.

“The government has planned to take the step as the Dhaka Nawab family lacks manpower and has financial crunch in reclaiming the property,” a senior official of Land Reform Board (LRB) said wishing to be unnamed.

LRB, a few months back, asked ten district administrations to report the board on the land of Nawab Sir Khwaja Nawab Salimullah.

“Only the Manikganj district administration informed us that there is no land of Nawab in the district,” a senior official of the LRB told daily sun.

The cadastral survey (CS) record, however, shows Nawab Salimullah family has as many as 357.1800 acres of land in Manikganj.

Official record says 99 percent land property of Dhaka Nawab Estate has been grabbed by an influential quarter.

Dhaka Nawab Estate Manager Mohammad Feroz told daily sun that the Nawab family is facing 171 cases.

Dhaka Nawab family has 20,132.9789 acres of land in 10 districts as per the cadastral record of the British regime.

Of them, 2056.2679

acres of land are in Dhaka, 4089.2200 in Tangail, 2.5400 in Jhalakathi, 2390.2200 in Kishoreganj, 3.9400 in Barisal, 7805.2000 in Patuakhali, 31.7500 in Comilla, 357.1800 in Manikganj, 258.3600 in Narayanganj and 3138.3000 in Mymensingh.

But the land drastically came down in the state acquisition record conducted during the Pakistan government.

A section of people in connivance with some officials related to the survey grabbed huge acres of land, said LRB officials.

According to the SA record, the Dhaka Nawab Estate has 478.4712 acres of land in only three districts while the land of the remaining seven districts was not included in the survey.

Of them, 428.5912 acres of land are in Dhaka, 47.7600 in Tangail and 2.1200 in Jhalakathi.

The Revisional Survey (RS) known as Bangladesh survey shows that the Nawab estate has only 35.0677 acres of land in Dhaka while the land of the rest of the districts was left out in the survey.

The present statistic shows that 172.1331 acres of land of the estate are available. Of them, 72.1331 acres are in Dhaka and the rest in Tangail.

The Nawab family leased out 362.523 acres of land but was able to reclaim only 167.0088 acres from the possession of the lessees.

Besides, the official website of Dhaka Nawab Estate shows 374.1500 acres of land in Brahmanbaria and Chandpur which are not mentioned in the recent records of LRB.


3 Responses to “Dhaka Nawab Estate: Govt to declare it as khas land”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Per Banglapedia, K. Hafizullah alone had land measuring more than 44,000 acres prior to his death in 1815.The merged estate of K. Hafizullah with that of K. Alimullah consequently made the united estate one of the biggest in the province with at least over 50,000 acres by 1850.

    How did it came down to mere 20,000 acres in less than 70 years by the time of death of Sir Salimullah is a mystery indeed !

  2. Anas N Says:

    The Indian side of tripura and Assam states were almost the size of what was in east bengal. Besides it is better for us if they turn less number of land as Khas… it is the last nail in the coffing for the nawab estates.

  3. Reaz Salim Says:

    what is the web site of “Dhaka Nawab Estate.appreciate if any one can get it for me along with FAX,Tel or Land Reform Board details.

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