Shahriar weds Jemin

May 7, 2011

Wedding ceremony of Shahriar and Jemin was held in Los Angeles Californiaon on March 11 2011, followed by a reception at  Jamaica’s  Taj Mahal restaurant. Reception was attended most of the Nawabarians in NY.  

Bride: Jemin Ullah daughter of Mr.Reza ullah and Begum Nasima ullah of Los AngelesCalifornia

Groom: Syed Golam .D Chowdhury a.k.a Shahriar son of Syed G.K.Chowdhury and Syeda Zartaj Hassan of Queens NY (originally from40 Ahsanullah RoadNawabbari). Newly wed couples choseHollywoodas their new home.

Family tree:


3 Responses to “Shahriar weds Jemin”


    Congratulation.Nice photo n cute couple looking good . Allah bless U .

  2. Nashmin Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m humbly sorry for missing out on the party. However, I did bless you guys in my heart 🙂 Wishing you both a great life ahead, Insha’Allah. God Bless xx

  3. Fatima Says:

    YAY for my brother 😀

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