Obituary: K.M.Kalim

March 21, 2011


My chote mamu, Khwaja Mohammad Kalim, s/o Khwaja Mohammad Salim, had passed away in Dhaka Nawabbari ( 16/4 Ahsanullah Road) , approx local time 8am, March 21st.

He is survived by his wife Sufia Kalim and daughter Chahat Kalim. Chahat is married to Dr. Sajal Pathan and they have a daughter.

Kalim mamu is youngest of 3 brothers, K.M. Halim (eldest) and K.M. Hakim (Kalu). His younger sisters are Zainab Manzur and Farkhunda Ahmad.

Kalim Mamu had undergone a heart bypass surgery few years back in India and has been doing well, generally. For past few days he had complained of not feeling well, but nothing ‘serious’. This morning he got ready for his doctor’s appointment, but passed away before he would leave the house.

Inn Allahaa wa inna Alayhe rajeoun.

Please all pray for his soul. May Allah grant him place in Jannat, and give strength and sab’r to his family, to endure this great loss.
Maruf Khwaja

Please call 01675334819(cell) or 01712056223 for condolence
Family Tree:


2 Responses to “Obituary: K.M.Kalim”

  1. Chahat Jabeen Sajal Says:

    My abbu’s kulkhani is on friday aftr Asr in Nawabbari.All my frnds and relatives r requested to join the Kulkhani.Pray 4him

  2. K.Rahman Quader Says:

    K.Rahman Quader,his wife Najma and their family were distressed to learn about the passing away of Kalim.May Allah grant him a place in Jinnat& peace and courage to his wife and children,to bear this irreparable loss.Also,our heartfelt condolence to Halim Hakim,Zainab & Furqunda for the great sorrow & grief that has overtaken their lives.

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