Gold Gym under DNF member management: Amer Bhaduri is the new owner

February 8, 2011

At my young age I was fond of eating good food and enjoyed eating out in good restaurants at home and abroad. As a result I started my career in restaurant business more than 20 years now. I had 12 restaurants in Dhaka (now only 1 Lazeez at Uttara) . In the process I weighed 110 kgs (242 lbs) and that forced me to join gym way back in 1997. With regular exercise and eating less I came down to 75 kgs (165 lbs) within 3 months. So I am obsessed by gym since than. It has become my passion. Still I am going for work out but can’t do hard work as recently I got back pain. When eating was my passion I started restaurant business and now working out is my passion and from tomorrow I will start gym business in Dhaka.

I am taking over the management of Gold’s Gym (American franchise) from tomorrow. It is one of the largest in Asia covering more than 27,000 sft in Bashundhara City Mall at Bir Uttam Kazi Nurruzzaman Sarani. It used to be run by Bashundhara Group with more than 2,500 members. It has 2 heated swimming pools, large cardio and weights section with 2 steam rooms, 2 suana, 2 jacuzzi, spinning room, aerobics room in 2 floors at level 9 and 10. Level 9 is for men and 10 is for female members.

I hope all my dear and near ones will pray for my success. From 21st Jan we are offering New Year’s Package with special discount rate for renewal and new membership. Contact me at 0171-3015509 or the office at Gold’s Gym.
Amer Bhaduri

Amer Bhaduri is from Paribagh Dhaka and grandson of Syed Abdus Salim and Sufia Begum. Family tree:


5 Responses to “Gold Gym under DNF member management: Amer Bhaduri is the new owner”

  1. Mohd Talha Says:

    Thats a great news for me hope to you have some special discount for the Nawabbarians ill be coming from tomorrow onwards.

  2. Nadim S.Shamsi Says:

    Congratulation nawab sahab for your new health care business.May ALLAH help u in all YOUR good steps.(aameen).

    so hoping to get some special discount.

  3. Syed O.Raza Says:

    Congratulation in yr new project.Nowsdays people ar vry much health concous,especially the women, lots of people they go to Gym for work out almost everyday.You hv choosen the right project fr yr business. I wish yu all the best in yr new Venture. Allah be with yu.

  4. Khwaja Fuad Says:

    congratulation, wishing u all the best…

  5. msuworld Says:

    Congratulation Nawab Saheb, I also weight ,more than 100 Kg, i want to lose weight could you lose 35 kgs in 3 months, really surprising and i wish i could do something like that..want to join GOld GYM but afraid about the price, heard lots of money involved

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