Recommendations for the Pink Palace

January 28, 2011

The Daily Star- Monday, January 17, 2011

Reaz Hassan

Ahsan Manzil with its superb architectural design was in a dilapidated condition when Ershad acquired the site for a museum. Since its start as a branch museum of the Bangladesh National Museum (BNM), it has undergone renovations and face lift at least twice. The interior galleries have been recast, and one can really learn a great deal of our political history of the first half of the 20th century from the artifacts preserved therein.

Picture courtesy SyedRahber Hossain Ahsan Manzil 1990

However, some more galleries with more objects can be displayed in the spaces that house the palace.Landscape gardening can attract more visitors as there is a lot of empty ground at last on three sides.

Good toilets, both for male and female visitors, and a well provisioned snacks corner can give a positive impression for subsequent visits with family and friends.

Photo courtesy Saiyed Shahbazi Ahsan Manzil 1975


3 Responses to “Recommendations for the Pink Palace”

  1. Syed Shahadat Says:

    Wao.nice photo

  2. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Good idea!

  3. hasib hassan Says:

    I know who these children are: guddo and gurriya. they are brother and sister.

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