January 2011 Family Newsletter

January 3, 2011

The January 2011 family newsletter is now available on line.

Please click the link below for the newsletter:


Please make a note that articles with more than 300 words cannot be posted on the GUPSHUP. These could still be included on the Family Newsletter. Please send email to Mr. Sayeed Shahabuddin at sayeed@cyber.net.pk.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Ayesha and Sayeed Shahabuddin:

“Let’s pray for Health , Happiness & Prosperity; And for the Wisdom:

To love & be loved;

To be gracious and kind;

To be generous and loving;

To care for the less fortunate;

To live a joyous, Gaia-friendly life;

To whistle and hum while We work;

To seek the truth so that it may set us free;

To love our neighbours as We love ourselves;

To eat right, exercise regularly and laugh a lot;

To be at peace with ourselves & not sweat the small stuff;

To embrace diversity of peoples and religions;

To have the courage to admit our errors;

To forgive and forget; and

To cherish life.


Let us live today. Because tomorrow never comes.”

Reproduced with the permission of Dr. K. Ismail Sudderuddin (Pai) and his family, in Singapore.


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