16th December: Victory Day

December 16, 2010

As heard on the facebook: Dhaka Nawab family members on Victory Day

Khawaja Saifullah (Dhaka): Wishing all a Very joyful VICTORY DAY

Rabbana Omar (Toronto) : Ajke ki B naki BHEE-day?

Sabila Burhan (Toronto): Bangladesh i love u & missing u 22222222222222222 much:(

Waleed Morshed (Dhaka): Shadinata Dibosh ajke . Amader prio deen .sorry bijoy dibosh

Sajal Pathan (Dhaka): HAPPY VICTORY DAY

Khwaja Anas Nasarullah (Dhaka) : Happy day for that long gone independence…

Khawaja Ershad Moinuddin (California): SHUBHO BIJOY DIBOSH.

Photo: Naveen Hassan (left) son of Imran Hassan

“Yet another 16th December beckons,

Be a new beginning the hopeful reckons;
cant get any worse the realist thinks,

Surely ’tis late to save her from the brinks;
Wonder if the martyrs had a similar thought?

Their sacrifice, dream and valor should never be forgot”

Syed Sarwar Hassan

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