Family Eid Milan Party in New York

November 23, 2010

by Anas Khwaja

Ahsan Manzil Cake:

To me the best item among all the foods, decor wise was the “Ahsan Manzil chocolate cake”. First I wanted to order a strawberry flavored pink Ahsan Manzil cake. Later I opted for chocolate flavor with 70’s Ahsan Manzil in mind.

Grace who happens to be my wife’s ex colleague is also an amateur cake designer. She came up with this wonderful cake which was the “WOW” factor. When we invited Laila Khala –the senior most family member among the guests to cut the cake, she initially refused to do so, as the cake was too beautiful to cut. Sohaib mammu declined to eat the cake on the same pretext-“Too beautiful”.


As part of the program we called 18 names of the family members who breathed their last on US soil.  Shaireen, Eeeman and Ovais -each were supposed to read six names. As Ovais ran late I stepped in for him. As  my turn came my voice choked from emotions. I handed the mic to Saniya to carry on with the rest of the names.

Eid Milan night turns to Ocean night:

I would say Sagar a.k.a Ocean is indeed “talent ka Samunder”. He stole the “Eid Milan Night”and turned into “Ocean night”. He carried the evening single handedly with KBKP show which he programmed in his laptop awake until 6am in the morning. Later he mesmerized audience with his golden voice.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fahmi Omar in the session

Chini Nana:

Brief encounter with Chini Nana imposter was another twist of the show. Munni Khala and Laila Khala both were eager to know his identity and family background. This was one family member they had never seen before.

Coimg of age:

From online “Menu check list” to “Projector generated show” all are signs that we are coming of age and emerging into 21st century.


It was beyond my imagination that cocktail party can be so much fun without cocktail and we can literaly get away by not serving BHAAT. We all heard of “Brunch” ; after this party I am tempted to add  a new word in Englist dictionary – Lundin (Lucnh+ Dinner).  I ate so much Muri Ka bharta,  Dahi Bara, Tikia, Samosa, Chicken Sanwich and drank so much coffee that by the time I was home I could not even think about food.


Saniya as a first time hostess did a marvelous job. A lot of credits goes to her for carrying on the program with dignity and accent free English (which I am unable to do 🙂  )

In conclusion :

The hall was spacious enough to accommodate 85+ family members. Guests drove miles to attend the party on time. This is a first gathering in New York where both the Nawabbarian’s  and the Nine Sharers  mingled together. From NY Imam Mr Moinuddin Khan’s speech to performances by the youngsters all made this evening an eventful one.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


All family members in North America are cordially invited to the 2010 Eid Milan & Holiday cocktail party.

We will try our best to make this a colorful event with mixture of music, games and cultural shows.

The refreshments to be served are based on one dish party theme. All you need to do is fill up and save the following form on the web-

Menu registry form (Please use Mozilla Firefox if encounter difficulty opening with Internet Explorer)

Your joyful participation is critical for the success of this event. Confirm your participation no later than Thursday. Or call me at 646 536 2855 (office) 646 379 3603 (cell) and stay tuned to this website for updates.

Please make a note that there is a $10.00 entry fee per family to cover the rental fee of the hall which is due upon your arrival.


Anas Khwaja

When: Sunday Nov 28 between 3pm to 6pm

Where: Central Queens Y 67-09 108th Street Forest Hills, NY 11375 Tel:718-268-5011


17 Responses to “Family Eid Milan Party in New York”

  1. Bina Hassan Says:

    Very organized, liked the pick, sign and save. Inshallah will see you all at the party.


  3. Anas Khwaja Says:

    It is a community center.
    We have to collect $300 rental fee for three hours which includes utensils, glasses, plates, tablecloth, chairs/ tables, podium, sound system, set up & cleaning fee and unlimited coffee & tea.
    I am estimating $10 per family (not per member) will cover this rental fee. We will pass on pre named envelopes in the party hall for collection.
    Please confirm your attendance by signing on the Menu registry form below-
    Menu registry form

  4. saman ibrahim Says:



  5. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Best of luck to all of u to have this party.


  6. Anas Khwaja Says:

    **Please notify us if your children is interested in performing in our cultural program.
    **Eid outfit or formal wear is advised as dress code.
    ** Please be generous with your choice of food. We advice to bring at least 25 servings. Leftovers can always be donated to the Food bank of NYC (718 991-4300).
    ** There is also an indoor heated pool on the premises. With a minimal fee of $15 per person guests are welcome to take a dip.

  7. saman ibrahim Says:

    Dear Anas bhai and Saniya,

    Thank you for inviting us for the Eid Millan Party. We all had a great time. It was wonderful to meet all the relatives after such a long time. I loved the food specially mori ka barta and Bakarkhani. Thanks to Sajid bhai and Salena bhabi, who really look after me so well, thanks Adnan bhai for the bakarkhani and Belal, thank you for the zip lock bag.. I loved every moment, it was great meeting Lala baji, Sajid bhai, Salena baji, Fehmi bhai and everyone else after so many years.

    Thank you for organizing such a wonderful evening with the family. It was great to hear my niece EEmaan reciting phupijans poetry about Shabeer bhaiya.

    THank you again for a lovely time…

  8. Khawaja Samir Says:

    Yes! I would also like to “THANK” Anas for the wonderful event last evening was really a well organised event and I had a chance to meet all these relative whom I haven’t met for couple of years ..and
    of course it is always a pleasure meeting Sajjad Bhai & Salena Bhabi .
    Bakhar khani was the amazing ..

  9. Rose Hyder Says:

    What a great idea for a party..everyboday bring a dish, pay a lil fee at get a hall….co ordinate games, poems, comedians, thats what the Nawab family did yesterday it was one of the best parties ever! TRY IT! its fun and priceless

  10. Saif Kabir Says:

    Yo cus great event. Man it was diffrent.

  11. Khwaja Hassan Says:

    Graces Cake. Awesome job tonight. Chinni Nana for President!!!

  12. Munna Haque Says:

    Anas bhai, thanks for organizing a great party today. We all enjoyed. Especially the kids. So we hope inshalla next time there will be more parties like this. You are the best!

  13. Bina Hassan Says:

    Thank you Anas bhaiya and Saniya for organizing the Eid Milan Party. We had a great time!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Apu Says:

    Great job Anas! I was not expecting to have so much fun at a cocktail party, with such short time. Truly an awesome job.
    Special thanks to Sagaar for adding to the fun! He has an amazing voice, and the game was very enjoyable as well!

  15. Saniya Says:

    Besides thanking Anas for organizing the event I would like to thank every single family member who made an effort to join us on Sunday evening. The food, outfits, enthusiasm, smiles, performance, and sportsmanship from everyone were absolutely amazing.

    Special thanks from me goes to Shabbo huppie, who made endless efforts to convince everyone to join the party. Batool and Fardin bhaia for organizing all games and prizes. Last but not least Ocean (Sagor) for giving us a live feel of “Kaun Banega Carorpati”. The game show was an absolute replica of the real thing. We felt the heat from the hot seat, heard contestants’ heartbeat accelerate awaiting the correct answer from the computer.

    I can go on and on but cant take up the entire gupshup page. So, in a nutshell what a fab way to wrap up the four day weekend!!!!

    Thank you everyone.

  16. saman Says:

    Dear Anas bhai

    Thank you for inviting us. We all had a wonderful time, meeting everyone.
    I wanted to ask you that did anyone made a vedio or picture of Eemaan (my niece) reciting the poetry or taking the names of our dear ones who passed away.

    I would really appreciate if you could email me if you have any.

    Thanks once again.
    Saman Kashif

  17. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Excellent cake! 🙂

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