Hajj 2010 updates

November 3, 2010

The following fortunate family members are performing hajj this year:

Purana Paltan Dhaka: Pir Moinuddin Zubair – son of Muhiuddin Dadon Mia and Sabera Bano along with his three sisters.

Paribagh Dhaka: Jewellery merchant duo brother Khwaja Rezaaul Huq and Khwaja Zamirul Huq Jammu and his wife Shampa Begum.

Eskaton Dhaka: Khwaja Mohsen Ahmed, wife Shaireen Begum Munni, mother Najma Begum, three children Meraj, Maisha and Madiha and mother in law Sogra Begum.

Bosundhora Dhaka: Dina Begum and her sister Seema Begum daughter of Syed Ashraf Alam and Marshita Hafizullah.

Karachi: Fatema, daughter of Khwaja Mashooqullah, and her husband, RAHEEL ZUBERI are leaving Karachi on 7th November to perform Hajj, and God willing, will return on 23rd November 2010.

Dr Khawaja Atyab Arshad, son of Khawaja Arshad a k a Lalay and Shehnaz Arshad) and his     wife Nida Saadia Atyab, will, Insha Allah proceed for Hajj this year. They will, Insha Allah leave on 4th November morning and go to Madina Munawwara first. They would return home, Insha Allahm on 20th November.

In his own words ” Leaving for hajj on the 4th… very excited, nervous… please pray that everything goes well and HE accepts our hajj. My appologies to all whom i may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt in some way or the other”.


2 Responses to “Hajj 2010 updates”

  1. Bina Hassan Says:

    Congratulations to the family members going for Hajj this year, please remember us in your prayers. May Allah accept your Hajj and all your prayers Ameen.

  2. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    I also congratulations to the family members for this and i request them pls pray for me and my family.


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