Rahim Baksh: Makbarah’s final bed preparer

October 24, 2010

By Anas Khwaja

Rahim Baksh was the caretaker of the Dhaka Nawab Family graveyard in Begum Bazar. His primary duty as an undertaker was supervising grave digging along with arranging bamboo, mat and other necessary items for the grave. Be it a rainy day or a wintry night, he always prepared the grave before the dead body’s arrival from Nawab Bari Masjid. All he needed was Motawalli’s instruction sanctioning the land.


His other duties were to mow grass and shrubs, watering trees, arrange for moulvi to recite quran by the grave on request. He also soiled the sinking graves after heavy rain. During sacred nights like Shab e Qadr/Barat/Meraj he lit the entire cemetery and spent busy time answering visitor queries.


His most challenging job was to maintain peace and serenity of the burial ground.  In the 80’s due to lack of maintenance, surrounding boundary walls partially crumbled. This invited trespassers. Such as children toppling graves for falling kites, youngsters passed idle evening playing cards on the graves. Rahim Baksh tried his level best to chase away these outsiders.

He received nominal monthly stipend from the Dhaka Nawab Estate. Incoming visitor’s generosity in religious holidays took him a long way. He also got bakhsish for arranging grave from the deceased’s relatives.

Rahim Baksh’s family lives in the same neighborhood in a house behind the mazar of Elai Bom (Abdur Rahman). His father Fakirah was also the caretaker of the kabarastan and now his son and a nephew are carrying on the service. Three generations of the same family have dedicated their lives to serve the Dhaka Nawab family.

The short guy in white lungi and mouth filled with paan helped lay many of our dear ones. Today he himself is sleeping there with our beloved ones. May Allah bless his soul.


9 Responses to “Rahim Baksh: Makbarah’s final bed preparer”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Thanks Anas for a good info.

  2. Syed Reaz Salim Says:

    I knew him personally.He was a very Honest and faithful man.We discussed a lot of things regarding the up keep of the grave yard He told me interesting stories about the place.I pray for him and his family.

  3. Khawaja Ershad Moinuddin Says:

    May the almighty Allah grant him eternal peace.We are grateful to him and his family for their continued services to our family.Rahim Baksh was well aware of the resting places of our family members,and would point to the specified grave,when ever he was asked to.I remember seeing his father Fakiraah,who was also a dedicated care taker of the begum bazar kabarstaan.

  4. Khwaja Talal Says:

    Hi Anas Bhai

    Thank you for the info, I regularly go to makbarah every friday. Indeed Rahim baksh was the symbol of Begum bazaar Kabarstan however I have never seen Rahim Baksh’s Son or Newphew in Makbara. There is a care taker name Gias who is doing the job.

    Khwaja Talal
    S/O Late Khwaja Borhan Uddin

  5. raina a. zafar Says:

    I remember Rahim Buksh well.May Allah rest his soul in peace. He took care of all our dear departed…May Allah grant him and his family the rewards they deserve.

  6. Khawja Salman Says:

    May the almighty Allah grant him enernal peace.We are grateful to him and his family for their continued services to our family!

  7. Belal Says:

    I envy Rahim Baksh for his simplicity. A simple man like him is destined to go to Jannat ! May Allah give him a place in Jannat !

  8. Syed O.Raza Says:

    Rahim Baksh was a good and sincere man. We are grateful to him and his family for rendering excellent job for our family all his life. May Allah grant him place in Jinnat.

  9. Imtiaz Alam Says:

    I remember him well, then a young man in the sixties. May Allah rest his sul in peace. Light in his grave. A place in Jannah. Aameen.

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