BNP minister, 15 others to face charges (for selling Sir Salimullah orphanage property)

October 19, 2010

Dhaka, Oct 18 ( — A Dhaka court has ordered the police to accept a case against 16 persons for their alleged misdeeds in selling the properties of an orphanage in the capital’s Azimpur area.

Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrates’ Court judge Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Talukder on Monday ordered Lalbagh police to accept the case, plaintiff’s lawyer Enamul Haque told

Department of social service office secretary Mohammad Abu Siddique Bhuiyan, on behalf of the orphanage, submitted relevant papers to the court on Oct 15. The court recorded the plaintiff’s statement that day.

The case was filed against former BNP MP Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf, Nawab Begum Shamsunnahar Ahsanullah, businessman Mohammad Ragib Ali, Concord Condominium Pvt Ltd managing director Mir Shawkat Ali, G A Khan Ansari and 11 others.

The case detail says Sir Salimullah orphanage executive council chairman Shamsunnahar and general secretary Ansari and others accused in the case sold two bigha land of the orphanage to Concord for Tk 3 million on July 22, 2003.

The accused took the decision to sell the land worth around Tk 200 million for only Tk 3 million for their own benefits.

The case also alleges that the accused resorted to same misdeeds in selling several other properties at Bangshal and Kazi Alauddin Road in Dhaka between Sept 1998 and Oct 2007.



10 Responses to “BNP minister, 15 others to face charges (for selling Sir Salimullah orphanage property)”

  1. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Every one knew about it … no?

  2. Wayiz Hassan Izzy Says:

    Can’t trust no 1 this days,,,they all xxx,,,,

  3. Nousheen Hussain Says:

    Can’t believe this

  4. Moeena Moinuddin Says:

    I had been informed about some funny goings on there by someone who had quite a story to tell.. sad to exploit orphanages and orphans


    Are they so much needy? More than the orphans? God help them.

  6. Khwaja Ali Madani Says:

    The only thing they have i think is ‘ Niyat mein Ghotala’…this is absolute insane. A curse to nawab family which is unbearable. dont know what god has for them in near future. This is not what Nawab Family is all about.

  7. I was shocked to hear the report in connection with illigal selling of Sir Salimullah orphanage land. Not living in Dhaka for some considerable period I would be interested to know how true the accusations are.I am sure that without evedience the newsletter will not be printing anything regarding the involvement of the 16 members.I would hope that the Dhaka Nawab Family members are kept informed through your excellent Newsletter of further developments.

  8. Omm Abudurrahman Says:

    These r the same people who wouldn’t mind selling their mothers & daughters, atagfirullah.

  9. Syed Reaz Salim Says:

    Its Shameful.IT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS.No one ever objected to their Crime Nor our dear Habib Askari.Even the Association led by Begum Wasiuddin has been silent since last 20 years.Why No one ever from the family stood up. Wake up and play your part.

  10. Mahmud Ahsunollah Says:

    Very sorry and sad to know that how anyone can stoop so low to sell orphange land for their own benefit, have they no fear of Allah’s wrath? One day they will have to face their creator who will save them then?

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