Ramadan Kaseeda – Sehri Khane Ki

September 2, 2010

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Ramadan Kaseeda – Sehri Khane Ki, posted with vodpod
Traditional Songs Sung During the Month of Ramadhan
By Khwaja Mohammed Anas & Saniya Sajed (Video Editor)

The month of Ramadan is a month of blessing marked by prayer, fasting, and charity. There is no better place to celebrate this most sacred month other than in Nawab Bari. Why? Along with “Muri Ka Bharta and Sutli Kebab” where else can you hear “Paharaia Baraf!!” right before Iftar.Only in Nawabbari you could hear the late night call to wake for sehri.

In the fifties K.M. Modassar, K.M. Manawar, K.M. Shukkur , Putul Bhai and other young fellows used to gather early in the morning. They sang songs in the alleys to wake up fellow Nawabbarian’s for Sehri. They walked door to door to Chaman, Pacham Paar, Talab Kinar and Mansur Castle. Usually, after the third week they would visit the family members living outside Nawabbari. These songs were written and composed by family members such as Khwaja Abul Hasan Mumtaz, Khwaja Bedar Bakht and Hammadul Akbar.
This tradition has been passed on for generations and has been successfully maintained. However, as the families are moving out of Nawabbari this rich heritage is becoming extinct now. The last time that NawabBari’s youth echoed these carols in an organized way was in 2004. The website is honored to preserve this component of rich Nawabbarian culture. Some of the songs are here for you to enjoy.

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    Hmmmm…Nice post, Where’s the credit ?

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