Appeal for humanitarian aid

August 17, 2010

Khawja Shakir Ahmed (Ex. Chairman, Abdullah Welfare Trust, Nawabbari, Dhaka) S/O. Late-Khawja Kamrul Haque and Late- Razia Sultana have been suffering from the disease “Diffuse Cerebral Cortical Atrophy” at brain. All verticals, slue, cisterns are mildly dilated, since 2003. He had stroke in 2003. After that his physical condition is going from worse to worst. He had visited the re known doctors of Medinova, Apollo and as well as the doctor of Kolkata (India). In Bangladesh he has taken to the neurologist of Square Hospitals too. Actually he got better treatment in India. But he could not afford it.

At present he cannot do any kinds of job. He has lost all his properties and now he is penniless. He has 2 years old baby. He cannot maintain even his family. He has to depend on others. For the sake of his little baby he has to alive and he needs treatment.

We, two sisters (Homyrah Sultana & Nasrin Sultana) urge humanitarian help from the community of Nawab family to come forward to save Khawja Shakir Ahmed as well as his little innocent baby by contributing monetary help as possible. Little drop of rain makes an ocean. So your contribution will help him a lot and he will again recover his health and may do something for his family (Inshah Allah). Our utmost request to our community to pray to almighty Allah for Shakir ahmed and please donate some monetary help so that he can get better treatment.

Here is an account number. By which we can maintain his account: Name : Homyrah Sultana A/C No : 6290 Janata Bank Limited Dhakeswari Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh


2 Responses to “Appeal for humanitarian aid”

  1. Khwaja Mizan Says:

    I really feel sorry for him…still remember the handsome man with white Kurta….Hey ALLAH please bless him with sehat and give him strength to look after his 2 year old kid and family.

  2. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    I also feel sorry for him and pray for him.

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