Birth Announcement: Khwaja Yasin Ahmed

July 30, 2010

Khwaja Yasin Ahmed was born on May 30th 2010 Trillium health center in Toronto Mississauga. He is the son of Khwaja Osman Ahmed (son of Khwaja Nesar Ahmed and Najma Begum) and Syeda Nazia (daughter of Syed Modassar Hussain and Zubaidaa Begum). Zaima and Ayan- Yasin’s elder siblings are excited with the new additions in their family.
Syeda Nazia was born and brought up in Chaman while Osman Amhed is from Nawabbari. He had his education from Ahmed Bawany Academy and Dhaka City College. He is currently the president and proprietor of Sun Moon Travels & Tours Ltd (established 2004) and is a known face amongst the family members in the greater Toronto metropolitan area.

3 Responses to “Birth Announcement: Khwaja Yasin Ahmed”

  1. raisa khwaja Says:

    congrats im gonna come and see him again for sure 🙂

  2. riyadh ahmed Says:

    hi, this is Riyadh.remember me? limit less congratulation to u all.i m very happy. send me more photos at bye

  3. Thanks for this wonderful Article. You guys are full of inspiration

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