Birth Announcement: Syed Zidane Salim

July 30, 2010

Syed Zidane Salim was born on July 27th at Howard County General Hospital in Mayland. He is son of Shamaz Salim (son of Syed Reaz Salim and Asefa Befum) and Nooreen Beig Mirza.
Salim originally comes from Paribagh and went to school in Wills Little Flower, Dhaka Notredame College and holds a bachelors degree in mathematics and computer science from Lewis & Clark College Portland Oregon. Currently he is working for Coderyte as a database architect. Noreen a Montrealer was working for Chevy Chase bank as a systems analyst until recently.
The family with princess Alina (their first child) moved from Chicago to settle in the suburbs of Maryland.

2 Responses to “Birth Announcement: Syed Zidane Salim”

  1. raisa khwaja Says:

    congrats to you hes adorable we have to come and see him

  2. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Congrats! from K Masood’s family 🙂

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