Introduction to a prominent family member: Khwaja Badruddin Ahmed

July 14, 2010

Mr Khwaja Baderuddin Ahmed, Dhaka was born in 1876 and is descended from a line of ancestors who originally came from Kashmir. He received a home education in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English. In 1905 he was appointed a member of the Dhaka district board and in the same year he received his appointment as honorary magistrate of the sadar independent bench of Dhaka. He was nominated a commissioner of the Dhaka municipality in 1906.
He was married at the age of 26 to Pari Bano the eldest daughter of the third wife of the Late Nawab Sir Ahsanullah K.C.I.E of Dhaka. Mr. Baderuddin Ahmed is devoted to sports of all kinds; he is a keen hockey and polo player and keeps a good stud of horses for his recreations. Shooting is another of his relaxations, and he has a reputation at billiards. He is a member of the Dacca Amusement Club. He is well known locally as a good sportsman and gentleman, and exerts considerable influence in the town of Dacca.

Source: The Cyclopedia of India: biographical, historical, administrative 1908, Volume 2 Page 188

Family Tree:

Additional Note: K Baderuddin was the son of Khwaja Salimullah a.k.a Bhola Mia and Khodeja Begum. He had two children- Khwaja Sadaruddin and Zulaikha Bano- the first female graduate from Dhaka Nawab family.
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