Unlimited Excitement: Gol Talab (Nawab Bari Pukur)

April 29, 2010

Sunday, 17th April 2010
Gol Talab, or you can say “Gol Pukur” means round pond. This is located at Islampur, just beside the Ahsan Manzil Palace. Local people used to call this as “Nawab bari pushkuni”. This is a round shaped large pond. Every side of the pond is occupied with buildings. Also its hard to cover the whole pond with your camera.

I have went up to the 10th floor of a building which is just beside the pond. This building helped me to enjoy the full view of the pond from the top. Also from the top of the building, you can enjoy the both buriganga river, and the pond. Also at the far side you can see the dome of the Ahsan Manzil Palace.

Whaever the name of this pond may be, its a nice place to watch, especially from the top. Once again remember, this is just beside the Ahsan Manzil. But the road to the pond is a bit narrow, you know its old Dhaka roads.

Nowadays the Pond is monitored and managed by the “Moulvi Khawaja Abdullah Welfare Trust”. People used to take bath at this pond, but they have to pay for this. If you want to visit the place, you can take your shorts with you, so that you can throw your body at the water of the pond. Its not that much high price to take a bath there i think.

Finally, and once again, don’t forget to get at the top of any building to enjoy the full beauty of the pond. Have a nice trip.

“I like to travel a lot. This is all about my traveling. You can say it’s my personal travel diary. But if it helps you, my pleasure.”- Blogger Demon

Source: http://icwow.blogspot.com/2010/04/dhaka-gol-talaabnawab-bari-pukur.html


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