Open letter to MAWT from a beneficiary

March 13, 2010

In accordance to the trust deed page number 9 and paragraph number 6 the primary duty of the board of the trust is to improve the properties mentioned in schedule A. But it is the dark fortune of the innocent beneficiaries that the present board of trustees does not perform their duties with honesty. This results in violation of the trust deed. Their autocratic manner is reflected in their day to day activities.

According to the trust deed page 13 paragraph number 14 the board of trustees shall also be entitled to call an extraordinary general meeting of the beneficiaries in accordance with the “procedure laid down for calling an ordinary general meeting.

Last year an extra ordinary general meeting was called to seek beneficiary’s opinion on the pending deal of the Electric market in Wiseghat. An influential group of outsiders (who also happen to be the party of the deal) were invited in the meeting. In my opinion invitation to outsider with conflicting interest grossly violated the sub section of the deed and mentioned above.

In presence of the influential person the beneficiaries could not speak their mind freely.
The healthy debate which should have been the outcome of the meeting did not take place. The extraordinary meeting lost its purpose and served as the rubber stamp of the”Electric market deal”.

As new board has assumed the office I will request the new office bearers to review and scrutinize the Electric Market Deal.
**The writer from Dhaka does not want to disclose identity for security reason.


4 Responses to “Open letter to MAWT from a beneficiary”

  1. Mohd Talha Says:

    Really appreciate whats the writer said when ever stuff like this are publised all the fingers are pointed to me and …. but people dont get angry whatever written here is all 100 % fact and if it was me i would publish my name .But i have much better work to do instead taking part in the dirty politics of our respected ……So plz keep us out of it.And congratulations to the writer once again.

  2. ZAREMA Says:

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  3. ezhar Says:

    ghalib ko ak molla ne aek din bohot nasihat ki k ghalib sharab haram hai iske pine se insan hosh a hawas kho bethta hai aur bhi bht kuch .
    ghalib chup se sunte rahe aur aakhir me bole.

  4. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Looks like MAWT is doing super job under difficult circumstances.

    Keep up the good work !

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