Sports Legend Khwaja Farid passes away

January 25, 2010

By Anas Khwaja
K.M Farid son of K.Fayezuddin passed away in Dhaka today (local time 6.30 am) in Square Hospital. He was 70 years old.
Earlier he was admitted to the hospital due to kidney problem on the 20th. This morning he succumbed to heart failure.

Khwaja Farid was the youngest son of Khwaja Fayezuddin (sportsman) and Najma Begum. He had his earlier education from New Govt School in Dhaka Armanitola.

He will be remembered as one of the successful sportsman of Dhaka city. He was East Pakistan champion in swimming. He played cricket for Dhaka Wanderers and Dhaka Victoria Sporting club. He also made to East Pakistan XI in cricket. He played football for Dhaka Bachelors Sporting Club. He played hockey for Dhaka Wanderers, Victoria Sporting and Dhaka Bachelors. He participated in National Sports Council badminton championship partnering with Dulal. He took interest in angling and was involved with Nawab Bari tank committee for long time.

K.M. Farid started his long career at Lever Brothers and retired as the regional director (Northern Bengal) of Jamuna Petroleum .He also served at the capacity of director at Nawab Askari Jute Mills Ltd. It is to be mentioned that Nawabzada Khwaja Abdul Ghani was his brother in law.

He left behind his wife Naseema Begum and son K.M.Fayyaz who will be flying from London to attend the funeral.

His namaza janaza will be held at Uttara masjid first and than he will be buried in Begum Bazaar family graveyard after second namaz e janaza at Nawabbari Jame Masjid.

For condolence please call 01 711 66 1474 (cell) or 891 1999 (res).
Family Tree of K.M. Farid :

6 Responses to “Sports Legend Khwaja Farid passes away”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Really it’s a very sad news for all the nawabbarian. I pray for him.


  2. Anas Khwaja Says:

    May Allah grant mamma jannatul Ferdous. Our paryer is with Mawani and Fayyaz.
    Anas and Saniya

  3. A gentleman,a great sportsman.Farid bhai will be remembered for his ever smiling face.May allah grant him jannatul ferdous,and give his family patience at this time of sorrow.
    Popsy & Fareen

  4. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    My Dear Fayyaz,

    With profound shock, I have swollen the news that of your father as he went into eternal sleep! I have always thought he would recover…..but, our creators wish is supreme, he wanted Farid Mammu back. What can you do? what can I do? Actually NOTHING!

    Right now, only thing we can do is pray for him, make charity for him and ask almighty to for Jannat-ul-Kausar for him.

    Nice talking to you and your Mummy, our beloved, Nasima Mawani over the phone, one of the greatest BAHU in our family with so much vision and so much understanding and elegence. She is indeed supreame!

    How, let us remember, you, me, Farid Mammu and Nasima Mawani in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A. in 1979/80. How can I forget such a great time. Do you remember that big Lap-Top computer weighted over 20 Lbs? and those tape run programs that you messed up? ..LOL.

    Your father was a legend to me and our family, the way your father, our dearest Farid Mamu cryed over my mother’s Janaza. He will always be embeeded in my heart and soul as he reflected his true heart for little things.

    Fayaz, do you remember, the day I ordered your favorite picture from ABC TV network? Call the Bionic Man ..Please correct me, if I am making any mistake….Remember? and how you, me, Farid Mammu and your loving mother had such a great time in Washington DC in in 1979/80?…well you were so little in those days…but my memory is totally intact! May be a little mess-up.

    Fayaaz, I am praying for you and your mother, and obviously for the departed soul of our Farid Mammu for his soul to be in eternal peace. Because, that is exactky what he was……….A man of peace!

  5. Umm Haajar Says:

    May Allah bless him with Janatul Firdaws and bless his family with strength and patience and increase their reward. A’adham Allahu ajrahum.

  6. Maheen Says:

    We deeply appreciate and thank all of you for showing and expressing your sorrow and sympathy at a sudden demise of your beloved Farid mamma .

    We are arranging a grand dua-e- mehfil on 5th March after Friday prayer, we are cordially inviting and requesting you all to pray for the salvation of the departed soul from where ever you can ….

    from- Naseema Maami, K.M.Faiz , Sharmin Faiz, K.M Shahbaz Fiaz and Hinara Fiaz.

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