Looking for pictures of Nawabzadi Bilqis Banu

January 12, 2010

Here is the picture of Almasi Begum (1897-1917). This was taken probably in 1910. I am sorry I do not have any picture of Bilquis Bano in my collection.
Anas Khwaja
Dear Dir,
Assalamu Alaikum,
I am Saulat Kamran from Dhanmondi Dhaka, researching on ?History of Religious Civilizations? and compiling a book on it since June 2005 and now I want to get pictures of Nawabzadi Bilqis Banu sister of Nawab Sir Salimullah if you have in collection then kindly provide me . Bilqis Banu?s daughter Almasi Banu Married to Shayekh Mustafa Ali, I need a picture of their marriage party, Shayekh Mustafa Ali?s sister Parsa Begum married with Khan Bahadur Abdul Hamid commissioner of Ranchi India. Abdul Hamid was My maternal grandfather?s uncle (Mama), and he was son of Moulana Hatem Hussain Chowdhry Sylhet Mohaddis Shaykhul hadis Shobar Kutub Khatib of Kolkata Boro Moshjid . he was direct descendant of Hazrat Shah Jala?s one companion Shayekh Gabru Shah Nistani. I need their pictures to include in my book. I will be grateful to you. Thank you.
With best regards
Saulat Kamran


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