Programme upholds Dhaka’s heritage

December 23, 2009

by Rifat Munim
New Age Timeout Dec 6 Dhaka

A daylong cultural programme titled ‘One mile square’ on preservation of the heritage, archaeological sites and ecological balance of old Dhaka was held at seventeen different locations in the city on Friday.
The programme jointly organised by Dhaka-based organisation Britto Arts Trust and London-based organisation Visiting Arts included mixed media installations and presentations, video installations, film screening of documentaries and drama performances.
Thirty-eight local and foreign artists displayed and presented their respective works in different areas in old Dhaka, including Ahsan Manzil.
Two short plays about the illegal land-grabbing in old Dhaka were also staged respectively at Ahsan Manjil and Dholai Khal. The plays were directed by Shaheed Ahmed Mithu and Rashuda Huda.
‘Our communities face increasing instability through the impact of cultural difference, climate change and destruction of local habitat. This programme focuses on creativity, community action, environmental engagement and intercultural dialogue in a bid to preserve our heritage and cultural diversity’, said Mahbubur Rahman who is one of the main collaborators of the programme.
The programme was the result of a two-month art project that included workshops on digital image and sound, video presentation, educational project, community based project, documentary filmmaking and preservation of green nature and ethnic culture.
The massive programme attracted a large number of locals from all walks of life, who enjoyed the exhibitions and presentations greatly.


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