Sajjad is blessed with a daughter

December 17, 2009

Khwaja Sajjad Hsaan and Parvin Akhter are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Sukehna Hassan. Sajjad is currently working for Gulf Air with the capacity of reservation and ticketing officer. He is the eldest son of Khwaja Giasuddin (a.k.a Janu Mia) and Syeda Taiyaba Hassan. The details of the newly born are as following:

Birth Date: Dec 9, 2009- 8.55 pm
Weight at birth: 3.75kg
Born at: Meghna General Hospital, Dhaka

Family Tree:


2 Responses to “Sajjad is blessed with a daughter”

  1. Beena & Belal Says:

    Congratulations Sajjad and Parvin!
    – Belal Bhaiya

  2. Imran Safdar Says:

    Just browsing the net, when i saw the snap of a young angel,”sukehna”. What a delight for sore eyes. May she be blessed with all the happiness of this world and hereafter, may she be a source of happiness, pride and joy for her parents. I would love to hold her tiny pink hand and watch her smile.

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