Photos of Ahsan Manzil

November 9, 2009

A total of 265 photos in fourteen different albums have been complied in our DNF photo gallery. Please clickthe link below to view the pictures. You can also view the albums by clicking the PHOTO ALBUMS link on the Gupshup tab (upper right hand side). Please make sure to view the albums in slide show mode.
AM by night- editor’s choice (4 pictures)
AM 19th Century (17 pictures)
AM Interior by Fritz Kapp 1904 (9 pictures)
AM 1970-1980 before reconstruction (18 pictures)
AM from Buriganga (10 pictures)
AM- outside boundary (11 pictures)
AM 1980-2009 (95 pictures)
AM – Dhaka turned 400 years…(32 pictures)
AM Museum Displays (46 pictures)
AM filigree in gold & silver (2 pictures)
AM in Stamp (1 picture)
AM- a decoration piece (1 picture)
AM-Concord Theme Park (1picture)
AM 3D (18 pictures)

Two other new folders are Twin House (1 picture) Jewelry (3 pictures).

Anas Khwaja


2 Responses to “Photos of Ahsan Manzil”

  1. Mohd Talha Says:

    thanks a lot Anas Bhai for the pics .

  2. Khwaja Fuad Hassan Says:


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