Election 2009

October 30, 2009

ballot-box_bwbw10491The election of The Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust started this morning at 10am local time in Dhaka Nawabbari. Since last fifteen days Nawabarian’s are in a festive mood. Banners, festoons, rally, canvass, speeches, baithak, procession with 50 motorcycles, party with kabab & paratha have now become part of the trust election culture.

There are twelve contesting candidates for six seats which fell vacant either due to member’s death or tenure expiration. One candidate Khwaja Manzar Nadim earlier withdrew his nomination. Total number of votes is 2,087.

Election Hours are 10Am -2Pm and 3PM-6PM. There will be a lunch and prayer break between 1Pm and 2PM. Results will be announced between 7pm 7.30pm. Due to limited space the election will not take place in Trust office premises. This year the election is taking place at 15 Ahsaullah Road (chaman K.M.Jonaid’s houe).

The name of the twelve candidates and their symbols are as following: K.M.Aziz son of K.M.Mosharraf –ink pot,
K.Margoob Hassan son of K Abdul Ghani Ladla Mia-candle,
K.Tanzim Arzoo son of K.M.Arzoo- swrod,
K.M.Hanif son of K.M.Fahim- aeroplane,
Syed Anadel Husain son of Syed Amjad Hussain Babu Mia-umbrella, S.A.Ishaq son of Syed Abdul Hamed- key,
K.Imtiazul Huq son of K.Mazharul Huq-rose,
K. Qayum Reza son of K.Yusuf Reza – fish,
Syed Tabrez Hussain son of K.M.Manawar-horse,
K.M.Abdullah son of K.Sirajuddin-fan,
Md. Nasiruddin husband of Nasreen Hassan -lantern, and K.M.Mozammel son of K.M.Mahmood-football.

S.A.Ishaq, K.Qayum Reza, K.M.Abdullah are incumbent members of the trust.
Trust secretary Najmul Hassan could be contacted at 01 1990 749 40 for any concern.

Extra Note: Couple of candidates including K.M.Aziz and Manzar Nadim has complained of threat over telephone. We need to remember that this service of Trustee is a voluntary one. Act of threat from fellow family member is to be condemned.

Songshod- the unofficial organization of the youth had so far played important role in selecting and promoting good candidates up until the current election. Couple of beneficiaries complained that Songshod dashed their hope for the first time. Songshod has compromised its integrity by nominating one or two controversial candidates.

Let us pray the election is conducted in a peaceful environment. Honest and competent members are elected to meet beneficiary’s aspiration and safeguard the family property.


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