Announcement : Migration from Gupshup

October 25, 2009

The DNF team has created a new social network. The link is as following:
Please sign up and update your profile. We will phase out Gupshup section and move to this new site .
If you did not receive invitation to join, go to the home page of this site – click on the Get connected Tab. This will take you to the new social network site.
The phone directory has been placed under the members tab on this new site. Why migration to the new site?
Unlike Gupshup this site will let you create your own blog, upload pictures and videos, invite other friends- literally everything Facebook lets you do. And more like video chat.
Why wait sign up and familiarize yourself with this new site. If you have any questions please call Belal hassan 718 459 1464, Arshad Abdullah 646 932 9020, Saniya Sajed 917 622 6993 or Anas Khwaja 718 606 9487 or 646 536 2855.


One Response to “Announcement : Migration from Gupshup”

  1. Almas Zakiuddin Says:

    Salaam cousins/nephews/nieces!
    What an amazing job you are doing! Thank you! This site is vibrant,
    dynamic and current. You are doing such a great service to your family
    you have no idea!
    all the best
    Almas baji
    PS I have a new email address

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