Chit Chat With Chini Nana Part 2

September 17, 2009

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16 Responses to “Chit Chat With Chini Nana Part 2”

  1. Annonymous Says:

    Bohot Acha, bohot khoob
    Hamne chini nana ka sath Musraf mia ka barenda mai r Asad Bhai ka barenda mai Bohot Hakulla dawat khaya. Hakullah bath sonke hamra porna bath taja ho gaya

  2. Salim Syed Says:

    Hilarious! Very entertaining, Awesome. I thought this was funnier than part 1. Only a nawabbarian can understand the jokes and this type of sense of humor. Great work guys…keep it coming

  3. Fatima Says:

    Ammi laughed the whole video, she loved it!

  4. Arshad Syed from Canada Says:

    Well done Anas. Gr8 compose of Priceless long forgotten words – BEETLAAMI… LOL. Chini Nana rocks!

  5. Baba Says:

    Anas, Its a great job and good entertaining.
    Typical Nawabbari style.Its awesome.
    When coming part three

  6. ali Says:

    you should be directing movies.
    shadat’s acting was great. good overall performance.

  7. chini nana's fan Says:

    Aray bahi Anas meya:” Kuch batana hay to nawabbabi waloo ka acha batayay, jis say nawabbarians ko fakhar ho, Yay chit chat chat son kay nabbarians ka gardan sharam say juk gaya. We have some very good Qualities in us (Alhamdulillah). Chini nana looks more Sikh” Sardaar gee”, He doesn’t know the angel of death ” Is Israel not Jibreel”, & r Nawabbari men so cheap that they wear sunglasses & look at gals near the talaab or he is just talking about him self??? & 9 share ho ya porja sub to akhi family ka hay to keya fayda ek dosra ka mazaakh urana??????

  8. Chini Nano Says:

    Eje soniye, aap yaha waha ghoom pher ke kya jhoot baat karrre . Aap apna begum ko kaise bhool sakte?
    Yaad hai, aap ka naati naatni mere saat khel kudti thi? Mujko Chini Nano Chini Nano karke bolate thi?
    Khaha gaya woh din? Kaise samjao tujhe Mera pehla pehla pyaar hai too.

    Aar apne yeh sardar ka pagri pahanke kai hai?
    Guru Nana banne ka kya erada hai? Na kya 15 number saadi ka erada hai?

    Anas Beta- 9 share bolo ya 1 share bolo…saab ka raaz ka Rani yea chini Nani.
    Mujhe tum call karo : 011-88-02-Chini Nano.

  9. Taha Says:

    Fantastic, awesome ,extremely hilarious.
    superb concept.

  10. unknown Says:

    very well said the fan of chini nana.we should be proud to be a nawabbarian and we we lots of good qualities, not are not making fun of others but yourself.asmaan mey thuko gey to apna upar hi girega.

  11. ezhar Says:

    what a funny article on the web.
    kha pi k kaam hai ni.

  12. Mohd Says:

    Chini Nana’s fan- I don’t know when u left Nawabbari because its been my 15th year in Nawabbari and I haven’t seen any good qualities so far .Well let me put some qualities here hope u have some better excuses cause I think this is what u guys are good at .
    the life style of a Nawabbarian
    woke up early in the noon may be at 1:00
    catch up with the namaz and all later but started with what’s going on with the talab when to sell it .
    Lets call Haji saab to set up a deal of our properties if we had any left .
    Then early evening forming groups called shangshad and panchayat talking shit till mid night .The same goes each day.
    I haven’t seen anything better these years show me something good.
    so I find nothing wrong if the poor guy Chini nana wearing dark glasses to watch the girls cause I don’t think he gona find any cause I think Chini nana had a good taste he doesn’t prefer to watch the “naukar mama ” that the Nawabbarians are getting married to so far .
    Well Chini nana doesn’t want to know the names of the angle of death like the Nawabbarians dosent know the name of their forefather.
    We Nawabbarians haven’t had any respect
    so what’s the big deal in asmaan mey thuko gey to apna upar hi girega .when we are covered in our own thuk.
    all I have to say we need to accept the fact that we are all corrupted but its high time for us to teach our young generation some manners and respect our heritage .
    well some good qualities
    we Nawabbarians donates like crazy don’t think so every year the rich good for nothing Nawabbarians send a truck load of fortune to distribute among the poor and the needy people of Nawab family well but do they every waned to where their hard earn money going do they have any idea
    don’t think so
    well I don’t think this web site gona allow me the mention the name of the persons who’s behind all the “choori”
    cause I have seen the Nawabbarians are coward like the fan of Chini nana we are family why not mention the name why being a fan no one gona sue u. just sitting in ur couch and writing all these shit is not gona make u a hero appreciate what’s DNF doing instead cursing the admin of the web site .and with the first comment on this post anonymous mention the name of a dead person i think may be he went for a “hakolla dinner in his wedding ” that’s why he is so angry with this dead person .
    Well if u have anything more to say just follow this link

  13. Rumibaba Says:

    Personally I find it rather annoying when people tend to type in all “CAPS”. Typing isn’t rocket science and turning off caps lock is pretty simple as well. I can’t read things written in all caps. I am assuming the writer is very old or very young & doesn’t know any better. So i am suggesting you please re-write the whole thing again with common punctuation.


    I really appreciate the work of Anas Bhaiya and its really a good entertainment.This can make us laugh for 15 minutes and then forget everythning. I believe his intentions were not to harm any nawabbarians as he himself is a nawabbarian.
    But Mr Mohd you have only spent 15 years in a family which have a tradition of more then 100 years..u have only picked up the negative parts of the nawabbarians..the family which had successful people like LATE KHAWJA ABDUL HALIM, late S.K.Sharjil Hasan, late S.K.Moinul Hasan, late K.M.Kaiser and still having flourishing people like Khawja Alqama and many more. Have you ever noticed that whenever any nawabarrian dies, all other nawabbarian brothers rushes to attend the Namaz-e-janza and funeral at Begum Bazar wherever they are. In religious occasions like Eid-e-Miladun-Nabi, Fatiha Yashdahum etc everyone gathers to celebrate it together. In the month of holy Ramdan, most NAWABBARIANS spent their whole night doing Ibadaat and praying TAHAJOD and Qiamul Layl with Jamat lead by Khawja fazlul haque. We had brilliant hockey players like, Late khawja Yusuf Reza, Khawja Danial; we have such organizations like Helpline and Nawabbari Primary health Care run by rich members of our family, which helps the poor nawabbarians whenever they need assistance.Dont you think that their hard earned moneys is helping their own brothers. How can you write that “we are covered by our own THUK”, you meant that you are living for 15 whole years with the people who are so dirty. Wake up brother, aren’t this qualities are good according to you. If you are a nawabbarian, who are you calling CHORS? your own brothers? your own uncles? or your own grandfathers? We all NAWABBARIANS are brothers and sisters and we all are ROYAL BLOOD BEARERS. you have only seen just feeeeeeeeew people of nawabbari amongst thousands; they dont seem to be sooo bad the way you have mentioned.Why? I am asking you brother..Why..picking up the bad qualities instead of picking the good ones because this website is not viewed only by the nawabbarians but by millions all over the world. if you dont know any good qualities about the Royal family, please for GOD sake dont write or think 1000 times before writing the bad ones.

    In front of soooo many good qualities, smaaaaal bad qualities like u have mentioned above can be pushed aside or ignored. We all are human beings not Angels so there is always a good and bad quality..why not picking up the good ones and implement those.


  15. khawja Says:

    I personally known each every member of they are very good
    Complete gentle man ..


  16. Khwaja Hassan (sadat) Says:

    Very funny…Classic quote “Chini Nana tum Dood Bhaat” haha.

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