Final moments of Shaheed Major Gazzali

September 5, 2009

Major Abu Syed GazzaliNine months have passed since the BDR mutiny. While the nation is still debating how to prosecute the mutineers, the dead body of slain Major Gazzali one of the victims of the tragedy is yet to be found.

A member of the Dhka Nawab family son of Parsa Begum and Group Captain Syed Abu Dastagir- Major Abu Syed Gazzali was the officer in charge at the BDR intelligence service rifles security unit. He was killed during mutiny in Pilkhana on the 25th of February.

BDR signal sector nayek subedar Fajlul Karim and nayek Wajedul Huq gave details late Gazzali’s final moments during interrogation.
At 11.30 on the day of the event three to four BDR members found Gazzali hiding near Pagla Mazaar. They tied his had behind back. Then he was taken to the fourth floor of the signal sector 2 building. After an hour it was told that he is being taken to the quarter guard building. BDR members took him to the 4th floor of the signal sector 1 building. Around 2 pm he was brought down. He was made stand by a car in a nearby garage. Three BDR members sprayed bullet on him. Later on his body was dumped in the sewerage of the signal sector.


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