Obiutary K.M.Arzoo: The longest serving trustee

September 4, 2009

K.M. ArzooKhwaja Mohammed Arzoo son of Haji Khwaja Mohammed Osman Ghani passed away Friday September 4th after Asr prayer at his Nawabbari residence of 35 Ahsanullah Road. Inna Lillahe wa inna ilaiyhe rajeun. He was 85 years of age.

K.M. Arzoo proprietor of Arzoo market worked for Deen Brothers Ltd in his early life.
He was the founding member (life member) of the Moulvi Abdullah welfare Trust. He will be remembered for his long 42 years of service to the community as a trustee/ member.

K.M.Arzoo was buried at the Begum Bazaar family graveyard after Taraweh prayer at the Nawab Bari Jame masjid.
He left behind his wife Hasmi Bakht, six sons K Wasim, K Tanzim, K Sharek, K Rezwan, Tanveer (Ai Baba), K Fayyaz (Kalu) and two daughters Yasmeen Arzoo and Zeba Arzoo.

For Condolence please call: Dhaka (8801) 715 982324 (cell) Dallas or 972 829 5373
Family Tree:


2 Responses to “Obiutary K.M.Arzoo: The longest serving trustee”

  1. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Dear Family members of Murhoom K.M. Arzoo Sahib.

    I am writing on behalf of our family to express our profound sympathy to the family of murhoom Khwaja Mohammed Arzoo. He was my Taloi and he was a great man with lots of wisdom and honor.

    While there is nothing I can say that will ease your loss, I wanted you to know that we are grieving and thinking of you all. Please pray for his departed soul.

    May almighty Allah grant you sabar and may it comfort you to know that so many people care and are thinking and praying for the departed soul of K.M.Arzoo. May almighty grant him jannat-al ferdaus.

    We are praying,


    Iftekhar Hassan

  2. Mehbooba Nomaan Says:

    When we (siblings) were very young, our father and chachu have passed away. Yet we still did not lose hope because we knew our phuppa was with us. We looked up to him as our very own father. Now that he passed away as well, I feel as if I have lost my father again…

    I know that we all have to leave this Earth one day, but to leave in such an auspicious month/ day/ and time is only destined for those who are special in the eyes of Allah; my phuppa was one of those people.

    I pray that phuppu, and my brothers and sisters have patience and not grieve over the lost of our father, but to be proud of a man with so much honor and dignity. We know for sure that he will receive Jannat-Ul-Ferdous. I also request for everyone to pray for him and his beautiful trip to heaven, Insha’Allah Ameen.

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